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The Commercial Service (CS) Kaohsiung

The Commercial Service (CS) Kaohsiung is a constituent post of CS Taiwan.

Kaohsiung is southern Taiwan's largest city and the heart of the economy of the south region from Jiayi to Pingtung. Kaohsiung has provincial-level administrative status, as does Taipei. The city of Kaohsiung, with a population of more than 1.5 million, is located on the southwestern coast of the island and is approximately 350 kilometers south of Taipei.

CS Kaohsiung is staffed by one American Foreign Commercial Service Officer and two Foreign Service national trade specialists to promote U.S. non-agricultural exports to southern Taiwan. CS Kaohsiung features a variety of programs and services, including business counseling and “matchmaking” services.

For U.S. exporters, CS Kaohsiung can assist in promoting their goods and services in the southern Taiwan market by:

Helping them find a sales agent or distributor

Arranging appointments before the interested American companies arrive

Connecting these exporters via internet to agents, distributors and buyers in the southern part of Taiwan

Offering reports on the southern Taiwan market.

CS Kaohsiung can offer the following services to American companies satisfying a 51% U.S. content requirement on a free, or nominal cost basis, to help these American companies do business in southern Taiwan.

Gold Key Service (GKS)– Meet key players in the southern Taiwan market

International Partner Search (IPS)– Help American companies find qualified representatives in southern Taiwan

International Company Profile (ICP) - Provide reports on potential business partners to help reduce risk

Platinum Key Service (PKS)– Identify and achieve the American company’s long-term exporting goals with ongoing (typically six months to one year) assistance

Flexible Market Research – Customized market research designed to fit individual company’s special needs

Videoconferencing Facilities– Meet face-to-face with a Taiwan expert or client without the long flight

Commercial News USA – Online publication listing U.S. companies that are seeking distribution for their products throughout the world

International Buyers Program (IBP)– Promotes major U.S. trade exhibitions to Taiwan buyers.

CS Kaohsiung also provides interested American companies with reports such as

Taiwan Commercial Guides (TCG) – with information on Taiwan market condition, best export prospects, financing, finding distributors, and legal and cultural issues

Industry Sector Analyses (ISA) – offer market information on specific industries that can help determine market potential, market size and competitors for the U.S. products and services

International Market Insights (IMI) – identify upcoming opportunities in specific markets

In addition, CS Kaohsiung manages a commercial library and information service to help local businesses establish contact with U.S. firms and organizes trade shows to promote U.S. products, and maintains contact with key companies and organizations in southern Taiwan to provide U.S. businesses with information on major projects in the region.

In a region where American business has no other voice, CS Kaohsiung has been a very effective advocate for US commercial interests. Over the past 16 months, CS Kaohsiung provided support to companies such as DMJM Engineering, Cubic Transportation Systems, Tatung Otis Elevators, Airis Holdings, Honeywell, the SECO-Warwick Corporation, AVS Bus Systems, Motorola, DAE Technologies, American Science and Engineering and Clear Channel in the face of stiff competition from Japan, the UK and Austria for projects worth over USD 850 million in Southern Taiwan.

CS Kaohsiung annually works with local department stores to host an America Week around July 4th to promote U.S. consumer goods. CS Kaohsiung also actively participates events hosted by Kaohsiung AmCham, Importers/Exporters Associations and CETRA (CS Taiwan’s counterpart).

CS Kaohsiung Office Door

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