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U.S. Commercial Service Korea Services for U.S. Companies

Counseling and Advocacy



Navigate the Korean market with the assistance of our industry specialists

Our team of specialists in industries such as information technology, medical equipment, aerospace, defense, and education are available to assist US companies enter and expand in the dynamic Korean market.


Protect your rights, overcome regulatory hurdles, and win contracts with our support.

Support can include government-to-government meetings between U.S. Commercial Service officers and Korean government officials, direct intervention with Korean companies, and assistance navigating complex policy issues.

Finding Partners in Korea

Find a partner that will help you achieve your goals in Korea.

Gold Key Service

A must for companies traveling to Korea looking for agents, buyers, distributors or joint venture partners. We'll help you make the most effective use of your time by pre-arranging appointments with qualified partners interested in your products or services.

Video Gold Key Service

The Video Gold Key (VGK) is a video enhancement of CS Korea's highly successful Gold Key Service. The VGK provides an opportunity to test the market prior to traveling to Korea for a regular Gold Key, to pre-screen foreign buyers and possible joint venture partners, and to help focus a company's sales, marketing, and investment efforts.

International Partner Search

Find qualified Korean buyers, partners, or agents without traveling overseas. Our team will deliver detailed company information on up to five prescreened Korean companies that have expressed an interest in your company's products and services.

International Company Profile

Don't enter into an agreement blind. Get the due diligence you need to make sure you are working with the right partner in Korea. We'll provide you with essential company background information that will help you make more informed decisions.

Market Research

Customized Market Research

If you need more customized research to address questions and issues related to your specific product or service in the Korean marketplace, try our Customized Market Research.

Initial Market Check
Before you enter the market or even prepare marketing ideas or materials, find out how you can do a pre-check on the marketability of your products/services with our Initial Market Check (IMC)

Comprehensive Solutions

Utilize our full range of services and expertise in a customized solutions package

Platinum Key Service

Get long-term, customized support to achieve your business goals. The Platinum Key Service is solution-oriented and custom-tailored to your needs. We can identify markets, launch products, develop major project opportunities, resolve market entry questions, and provide assistance on regulatory matters.

Single Company Promotion

Launch your product in Korea with a promotional or technical seminar. Our team will provide the logistical support you need to help make your campaign a success.

Single Location Promotion

Single Location Promotion (SLP) is a fee-based service offered to a U.S. economic development organization (EDO) representing a state, city, town, or region to promote individual jurisdictions as a destination for FDI

Additional Support

Featured U.S. Exporters

Featured U.S. Exporters (FUSE) is a directory of U.S. products that appears on Commercial Service, Korea's local website. Designed for U.S. companies looking for business partners in Korea, this service enables you to post a Korean-language listing of your product or product line complete with graphics and links.

Video Conference Services

Learn more about how the U.S. Commercial Service, Korea, can provide your firm with information and meetings with valuable Korean companies without coming to Korea.

Didn't find the solution you were looking for? Contact us to see how we can create a solution that meets your specific needs. E-mail: Office.Seoul@trade.gov

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