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Philadelphia Upcoming Events

Shaking Hands in Business

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22nd Annual Eurasian-American Innovation Tech Week

Philadelphia, PA

New York, NY

Mid-Atlantic Region

April 23-May 10

This tech week, also known as RANIT, will take place throughout the three locations listed and focus on biotechnology, the pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment, life sciences, and many other related industries. This event is unique in highlighting increased involvement by policymakers in both Eurasia and the United States. Don’t miss this informative and interactive event hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Eurasia Business Council! The Welcoming Ceremony and Seminar Sessions will take place on April 25.

For more information, please visit the MAEBC/MARBC website!

ExporTech: Fast track to Developing Strategies for International Sales

Newark, DE

April 27, May 24, June 28

Delaware Manufacturing Extension Partnership’s (DEMEP) 3-day program helps companies develop and execute their own international growth plan. The program brings together executive leadership from six companies to work in a group project format. The program includes three 8-hour sessions and coaching time between. Some of the work is done in a group setting, while other work is done one-on-one with a coach. Within three months, each participating company develops a vetted, actionable export growth plan, and gains access to a wide range of expert resources that help overcome barriers to export sales and manufacturing growth.

For more information, please visit the ExporTech 2018 flyerDEMEP’S events page, or contact DEMEP at 302-283-3131.

16th Annual World Trade Center’s Day

Philadelphia, PA

May 3

The World Trade Center’s Association, in conjunction with the United Nations, is commemorating the 16th annual World Trade Center’s Day by hosting an award ceremony at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. The World Trade Center of Philadelphia will honor regional business leaders for their global vision and efforts towards making Philadelphia a world-class region. Help support the WTCA’s mission of promoting peace and prosperity through trade while reaching influential leaders of the international business community.

For more information, see the WTC’s events page and register now!

Export Lab: Become an Exporting Expert

Philadelphia, PA

May 10, June 21, October 18 & November 15

This interactive workshop series is an opportunity to identify key areas of improvement within your export processes and implement customized solutions for your growth! Receive practical tips and best practices, hear company success stories and be guided through hands-on exercises to help you evaluate your business.

For more information, check out the Export Lab flyer and register now!

Meet and Mingle with the Consular Corps

Wilmington, DE

May 10

Celebrate World Trade Month by connecting with countries and building relationships all over the world. Delaware’s International Business Community is hosting a networking event to provide an international platform for members of the Delaware business community. Attendees will be able to meet with the region’s Consular officials representing countries from around the world, network with World Trade Center Delaware members, meet local District Export Council members, and many more unique opportunities.

For more information, please see the Meet & Mingle flyer, or contact the World Trade Center Delaware at info@wtcde.com or (302) 656-7905.

Make sure to register in advance!

Doing Business with the United Nations

New York, NY

May 17

This seminar will offer an introduction to the UN’s $17.7 billion global procurement market, covering a wide range of goods and services. The event will be informative for suppliers who have bid on UN tenders, and for companies who need help getting started. One-on-one appointments with UN officials available upon request based on availability!

Following opening remarks from U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, attendees will hear from the largest organizations in the UN system: UN International Children’s Emergency Relief Fund (UNICEF); United Nations Procurement Division (UN/PD); World Food Programme (WFP); UN Office for Project Services (UNOPS); United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

See the flyer for which industries are encouraged to attend and the registration link!

Using OPIC to Access Emerging Markets

Wilmington, DE

May 18

This seminar provides companies with information about the various products and services offered by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC). OPIC helps small and mid-size businesses gain footholds in emerging market countries and expand their business overseas.

OPIC provides financing options, political risk insurance, and support for private equity. During this seminar, you will learn how OPIC can help your business finance overseas projects, protect yourself against political risks, hear success stories about companies who have worked with OPIC, and learn how to start working with OPIC today!

Visit the website for the full details and registration link!

Business Growth Toolbox: Federal Resources for Driving Growth

Philadelphia, PA

May 21

Come learn how federal organizations are working to support local businesses through a range of resources for each stage of development! Whether it’s selling to the government, finding new customers, or supporting your business growth, this roundtable will provide guidance on which programs would best serve your company to strengthen existing systems and explore opportunities to expand. Time to network and meet one-on-one with agency reps will be included to ask questions and discuss a plan for driving growth! This event is tailored to small, established companies who want to grow their business, both domestically and abroad.

Check out the flyer for more details and stay tuned for registration!

ACE Exports Compliance Seminar

Philadelphia, PA

June 12

BDP International experts will cover new regulations and filing requirements of the FTR, how to classify your commodities by providing an understanding of the Schedule B classification requirements, as well as provide a thorough overview of the ACE platform.  BIS officers will highlight export control requirements and how to identify red-flags. CBP experts will cover port requirements and efforts against terrorism and international narcotics trafficking.  

Registration is now live!

Days of Eurasian-American Innovation Entrepreneurship Cooperation, Fall 2018

Philadelphia, PA

September 27

As part of the RAVC Fall 2018, the MAEBC/MARBC is hosting this entrepreneurship conference to engage and advise startup companies. This event will feature a roundtable that highlight entrepreneurial innovation systems in the US and Eurasia. More events for RAVC will be hosted May24-28, 2018 including an Opening Ceremony, conferences, and roundtables.

For more details, please see the event flyer or visit the MAEBC/MARBC website.

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