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Philadelphia Upcoming Events

Shaking Hands in Business

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Selling to NATO Seminar

Newark, DE

February 28

The World Trade Center Delaware and the U.S. Commercial Service, Brussels are hosting a seminar designed for U.S. companies wishing to sell to NATO. Throughout the seminar, companies will learn why and how to sell to NATO, what NATO buys, security clearance, and many other topics. NATO purchases products in various sectors and the U.S. has an advantage since NATO only buys from member countries. Do not miss this opportunity to expand your business and learn more about this unique agreement.

For more information, check out the flyer! If interested, please register today.

Global Business Conference

Philadelphia, PA

March 14

In cooperation with Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business, the World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia presents the 15th Annual Global Business Conference. 2018 promises to be a year of continued change and challenge in the world economy. Join the region’s international business community as we hear from leading economists, trade experts, and successful companies on major trends to watch and strategies for success.

For registration and more information, visit the World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia's events page

ADB Business Opportunities Fair 2018

Manila, Philippines

March 14-15

The Asian Development Bank Business Opportunities Fair (ADB BOF) is a one-stop forum for consultants, contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers looking to provide goods and services for ADB projects. This is an excellent opportunity to network with peers in the industry, as well as, ADB specialists in agriculture, environment, energy, public management, finance, transport, water, urban development, health, and education.

For more information, check out the event page and register now.

2nd Annual ExporTech Alumni Event

Newark, DE

March 29

Join a dynamic group of ExporTech™ Alumni and other fellow businesses connecting to share real-world applications of their proven strategies in the global marketplace. This year’s presentation will be on exporter developmental topics, the keynote speaker will be Joseph Hanley, the Director of the USCS Mid-Atlantic Region, and the event will also feature ExporTech’s strategic exporter challenge finalist!

For more information, visit DEMEP’s events page  and register now.

Logistics of Doing Business in Canada: Webinar

Your Computer

April 10

Canada is the largest single export market for the United States due to location. This webinar will provide insight on how to maximize trading opportunities in Canada, specifically for temporary specialized workers like architects, engineers, technicians, and installers. The US Commercial Service and a speaker from the Corporate Immigration Law Firm will be explaining certifications and documentation necessary for these temporary workers to travel to Canada to perform warranty-repairs, engage in business development, and exhibit at trade shows.

For more information, check out the webinar flyer.

Going Global: Women’s Entrepreneurship Networking Event

Exton, PA

April 14

Join us for a panel discussion on strategically entering international markets! Women and minority business owners will be coming together for valuable relationship building, and to discuss strategies for global expansion. Share ideas, make meaningful connections and enjoy the internationally inspired cuisine and entertainment!

Register today! For more information, see the event flyer or visit the events page.

ExporTech: Fast track to Developing Strategies for International Sales

Newark, DE
April 27, May 24, June 28

Delaware Manufacturing Extension Partnership’s (DEMEP) 3-day program helps companies develop and execute their own international growth plan. The program brings together executive leadership from six companies to work in a group project format. The program includes three 8-hour sessions and coaching time between. Some of the work is done in a group setting, while other work is done one-on-one with a coach. Within three months, each participating company develops a vetted, actionable export growth plan, and gains access to a wide range of expert resources that help overcome barriers to export sales and manufacturing growth.

For more information, please visit the ExporTech 2018 flyerDEMEP’S events page, or contact DEMEP at 302-283-3131.

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