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PR Philadelphia Upcoming Events

Shaking Hands in Business

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XPort Challenge 2017

Enter the X-Port Challenge Pitch-Off and compete to win $10,000 in international export shipping credits or up to $25,000 in cash prizes!

The UPS X-Port Challenge is a promotion to help support small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs in their export initiatives. A panel of judges, including a judge from the US Commercial Service Philadelphia, will select ten finalists from regional competitions to pitch why their business is ready for the global marketplace. Three businesses will win cash prizes (1st place - $25,000, 2nd place - $15,000 & 3rd place - $10,000).

After registering, your district representative will contact you regarding next steps, time and location details.

For more information, please visit the event page, event flyer, or register now.

Opportunities in Construction and Infrastructure Industry in Indonesia


August 21

Join us on the evening of Monday August 21, 2017 to learn about opportunities in the Indonesian market from the US Embassy in Jakarta and private sector speakers from Price Waterhouse Cooper, Turner Construction, and the organizer of the Big 5 trade show.

For more information and to register please visit the event page.

Entrepreneurial Success Workshop Series

Philadelphia, PA

August 29

The Entrepreneurial Success Workshop Series (ESWS) is a 10-week course designed to help the entrepreneur develop a comprehensive business plan. This includes interactive workshops about Market Research, financial Statements, Operations Management, Business Plan Basics, and more! Participants will attain knowledge and resources from Temple University’s SBDC, Fox CIBER, the Small Business Administration, and PA PREP.

For more information, please see the ESWS event flyer! To register, please call 215-204-3856 or email sbtrain@temple.edu.

Business with India Road Show

September 13

Philadelphia, PA

Save the date! CS Philadelphia, in collaboration with Temple CIBER’s Doing Business in India Roadshow will feature prolific speakers from US-India Importers Council, Sannam S4, and the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry addressing key topics on US/India trade opportunities, establishing your US brand, increasing market share and; future growth prospects for US/India trade.

For more information or to register, please see the program agenda or visit the event page!

Doing Business in Ghana: The Gateway to West Africa

Teaneck, NJ

September 14

Save the date! This free breakfast seminar will explore international business and investment opportunities in Ghana, as well as, resources and strategies for U.S. companies looking to do business there. These include King Global Ventures, services through the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, USPS International Business Services, and New Jersey’s Trade Assistance Program.

For more information, please contact Herb Ouida at houida99@aol.com or 201-803-1366.

The Road to Digital Europe
Philadelphia, PA
September 22

In 2016, the International Trade Administration launched the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework to provide U.S. companies with a mechanism to comply with EU data protection requirements when transferring personal data from the EU to the United States. Over 2,300 companies use this program to transfer data. Privacy Shield can play an integral role in many companies’ overall General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance strategy.

CS Philadelphia, along with BDP International and the Mid-Atlantic DEC will host EU-US Privacy Shield experts for a half day program to inform and help US companies prepare for trade with the EU. Learn about how the how GDPR may impact your business when it comes into force in May 2018. Failure to comply with the GDPR could result in stiff fines as high as 4% of your company’s overall revenue.

For more information, please see the GDPR flyer or register now!

Startup Global Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA
September 26

Startup Global Philadelphia is a free, unique forum to explore opportunities and challenges that startups and small businesses face in the global marketplace and to discover resources for international businesses.

Hosted by Temple University, the Global Innovation Forum, European American Enterprise Council and the U.S. Department of Commerce, this event will bring together startup, corporate and government leaders to discuss how local entrepreneurs are engaging globally. Government, university and private sector leaders will also highlight tools and strategies to easily grow internationally, how to protect your ideas globally and navigate foreign regulations, and resources available to help global startups.

To register for this free event, please RSVP or visit the event flyer!

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