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Philadelphia Upcoming Events

Shaking Hands in Business

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Global Business Conference: Navigating Trade in the New Environment

April 26-27, 2017

Atlantic City, NJ

Please join us for our upcoming Global Business Conference, in conjunction with the Mid-Atlantic District Export Council, which will bring together trade specialists to address topics including Export Compliance, eCommerce, and Risk Mitigation. This event is geared towards: Sales/Marketing and International Business Development Professionals, Global Logistics and Trade Compliance Executives, Senior Level Executives and Managers of Global Business Strategy, as well as Current or Future Exporters who want to learn more about international trade.

For more information or to register, please visit the event page!

MAEBC/MARBC 21st Annual Eurasian/Russian-American Innovation Technology Week (RANIT)

April 25 – May 11, 2017

Philadelphia, PA

The Mid-Atlantic - Eurasia Business Council will host the 21st Annual Eurasian/Russian - American Innovation Technology Week (RANIT) from April 25 - May 9, 2017 in Philadelphia, PA. It will focus on biotechnology, the pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment, life sciences, alternative energy, nanotechnology, the chemical industry, information technology, technology in education, and entrepreneurship. The RANIT is a multi-industry event, highlighting increased involvement by key Eurasian and American policy-makers. Key 21st Annual RANIT events will include a Welcoming Ceremony and Opening Sessions at Philadelphia City Hall, a Welcoming Reception at the Comcast Center, Eurasian – American Technology & Entrepreneurship Conference, Eurasian Economic Union Session, Eurasian/Russian – American Life Sciences Innovation Roundtable, and the Eurasian-American Innovation Technology Commercialization Roundtable.

For more information and to RSVP, check out the event flyer!

Water Industry Trade Mission to Peru

May 21-24, 2017

Lima, Arequipa

The trade mission to Peru is an opportunity for attendees to meet with leaders in the Peruvian Water Industry, from the Peruvian Government Water Agency to private sector companies, who are interested in US development strategies. Recently elected Peruvian President Pablo Kuczynski has made the modernization of water infrastructure a priority of his administration. Specifically President Kuczynski aims to set clear environmental standards as well as improve water and wastewater infrastructure. This provides enormous opportunity for potential suppliers to gain traction in promoting to the new administration.

Don’t miss out! There are only three spaces left in this advantageous trade mission so register now!

For more information, and to register, visit the event page!

Export University 2016-2017

May 16, 2017

Philadelphia, PA

Export University is a series of courses on exporting designed to give businesses the skills, strategies, and network of contacts that are necessary to expand sales globally. Whether you are new to exporting and need tools to begin and avoid costly mistakes, or are currently exporting but need guidance to further expand sales to foreign countries, the courses can give you the tools to succeed. Courses are designed in three levels to provide new or experienced exporters with the tools they need to effectively organize their export operations. The three levels include Export 101, for beginners, Export 201, for those already in business looking to refresh their knowledge, and Export 301, for executives interested in expanding their understanding of international trade.

For more detailed information please check out our designated Export University website!

Risk Management: Supply Chain Strategy

June 8, 2017

Newark Delaware

The Delaware Manufacturing Extension Partnership will hold a workshop regarding supply chain management in terms of risk management. Risk is everywhere and it impacts companies large and small. It doesn’t sleep and it often shows up uninvited.  This session helps you to identify the triggers of risk events, the importance of developing a plan to mitigate them when they do occur, and how to establish monitoring metrics and activities so you may be prepared for the inevitable.  Participants will also learn how the financial impact of risk is determined and why a Risk Management Plan is an essential element to operational efficiency. 

For more information or to register call 302.283.3131 or email DEMEP at events@demep.org.

Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) Compliance Seminar

June 13, 2017

Philadelphia, PA

Please join us for this valuable event at which Experts from the Department of Commerce (U.S. Census Bureau / The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS)) and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will provide a thorough overview of the current export environment. Attendees will gain practical knowledge regarding foreign trade regulations, how to adhere to and maintain compliance, and other agency guidelines.

For more information or to register, check out the event page!

ExportTech: Fast Track to Developing Strategies for International Sales

April 4, May 5, and June 22, 2017

Delaware Technical Community College, Newark, DE

ExporTech in Delaware is organized by DEMEP in conjunction with the US Commercial Service, Philadelphia. The program’s small workshop size and customized format focuses on merging strategy with results. Throughout the program, local experts knowledgeable in all aspects of exporting are brought in to provide information and guidance and enable companies to accelerate their growth plan and speed to market. ExporTech’s customized agenda and small group discussion format ensure that companies walk away with information and guidance that specifically applies to their business. In the final work session, a panel of experienced international businesspeople reviews and provides feedback on each participating company’s export growth plan.

To register or for more information check out the event flyer!

Construction Industry Trade Mission to Mexico

June 5-7


The Mexico Trade Mission, for the construction industry, is an excellent opportunity to seek out valuable partnerships in country. The trade mission will include visits to the Mexican construction chamber of commerce, the government agency in charge of residential construction, and six individual appointments with potential Mexican partners. Currently Mexico ranks as the second biggest market for U.S exports with construction industry that is expected to continue growing at almost 5% annually. Mexico is also ranked 38th by The World Bank in ease of doing business, making this a very advantageous trade mission.

For more information and to register, check out the event page!

MAURITIUS: An African Island Hub of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

June 19-23, 2017

Philadelphia, PA

A program for faculty, business professionals, and entrepreneurs from the United States and Mauritius with objectives to identify and train potential entrepreneurs in the region, identify policy interventions that will enable the ‘start-up’ ecosystem to flourish, enlarge the supply of entrepreneurs for rapid industrial development, and help develop high-growth and technology-based entrepreneurship. Topics to be discussed include Mauritius as a hub for African entrepreneurship, capacity building for local entrepreneurs, opportunities for U.S.-Mauritius trade, and infusing international entrepreneurship into the IB curriculum.

For more information or if interested, please visit the event flyer!

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