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productronica 2021


#1 Meeting Place for Electronics Production

Munich – Get ready for the largest trade fair for electronics production and the global electronics supply chain! productronica 2021 takes place November 16 to 19, in Munich, Germany. It is the only show in the world that represents the entire electronics production chain–from printed circuit boards to thin-film cell production. A great variety of exhibitors provide an excellent overview of all new inventions in the electronics sector. All the latest technologies in micro-manufacturing will be presented.

The organizer, Messe München, is expecting close to 1,600 exhibitors from 42 countries and 38,000 trade visitors from 85 countries, both with a foreign share of 50 percent or more. With 116 exhibitors registered to date, the United States will have the second largest presence after Germany. A lot of the U.S. exhibitors are using the show as a stepping stone to enter multiple markets in Europe and beyond. The upcoming show examines the complete spectrum of the manufacturing process—from product development to after-sales services—and features 5 different categories:

  • PCB & EMS Marketplace
  • SMT—The Future of Placement Technology
  • Cables, Coils & Hybrids
  • Future Markets (including Additive Manufacturing)
  • Semiconductors

productronica 2021 highlighted the current trends in electronics production with the following special exhibition segments:

  • Smart Data – Future Manufacturing
  • Hardware Data Mining
  • Cleanroom
  • IPC Hand Soldering Competition

Matching International Buyers with U.S. Companies

The United States will continue its strong performance at productronica by providing the largest contingent of foreign exhibitors. The list of the U.S. exhibitors is available via the official exhibitor database. The U.S. Commercial Service stands ready to put U.S. exhibitors in touch with international buyers and distributors. A special focus is on the U.S. companies that are participating in the Exhibitor Support Program (ESP). They are looking for buyers and partners from all over Europe and beyond.

Your U.S. Commercial Service Contact

At the show, electronics production specialist Moritz von Holst will be working the floor on behalf of the U.S. exhibitors to connect them with potential buyers and partners from all over the world. To request additional support leading up to productronica 2021, or to receive advice on the German market, please contact:

Moritz von Holst
U.S. Commercial Service Munich
Phone: +49 (0) 89 2888-754
Email: moritz.holst@trade.gov


For exhibitor-related information on productronica 2021 please click here to visit the “For Exhibitors” section of organizer's website.

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