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Book World Prague 2017
Exhibit your books at the 2017 Book World Prague for as little as $200

The U.S. Commerce Department is pleased to offer an opportunity to exhibit titles in our fifth U.S. Pavilion at the Book World Prague event, which takes place May 11 - 14, 2017. The U.S. Commerce Department will help you gain exposure in the market and match your titles with interested publishers.

A nation of avid readers, the Czech Republic ranks among the world's top countries in terms of the number of titles published annually per capita. Translations account to more than one third of the total Czech book production, and its share continues rising, ranking Czechs among the world's top consumers of translated texts.

Best prospects for U.S. Publishers in the Czech market include:
* Contemporary American literature
* Social and human sciences
* Thrillers and suspense books
* Spiritual and Self-help books
* Parenting, Family and Child rearing
* Children's book series for ages 9 - 11

We are offering this opportunity to exhibit at Book World Prague for as little as $200 but space is limited. Each publisher can showcase up to five titles, and we can only accept books from publishers, not authors. The deadline to register for this event is February 28 and our office must have the catalogs in hand by May 1. Preference will be given to titles in the genres previously stated. If you wish to showcase more than five titles, we will charge additional $50/title.

By exhibiting titles in the Prague Book Fair Catalog Show, you will receive: 
* Inclusion in the Prague Book Fair catalogue show
* Targeted list of contacts
* Online promotion through our U.S. Embassy web site
* Post-show follow-up and trade leads provided to U.S. participants

All titles are subject to prior review before acceptance to ensure that they will be the best fit for the market.
After we have accepted your participation we will provide our mailing address. You will be able to send the titles by APO mail at domestic shipping rates, which takes 4-6 weeks to get to Prague.

For more information or questions on the Book World Prague please contact Zdenek Svoboda at Zdenek.Svoboda@trade.gov, tel: +420 257 022 323. We look forward to helping you increase sales in the Czech market!

Note: When registering, please list the five titles, including the author, name of the title and year published.

Fields marked with * are required.
OMB Control No.: 0625-0237
Expiration Date: 6/30/15

Exhibit your books at the 2017 Book World Prague for as little as $200

Thank you for your interest in exporting. Our goal is to assist U.S. companies to identify and pursue export opportunities in international markets. As part of the President's National Export Initiative we are committed to helping you to expand your exports by connecting you to all the trade promotion resources of the U.S. Government. This registration form collects basic information that will assist us in beginning the process of assisting you with your next export sale.

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Note: Please list each the five titles you wish to exhibit, including the author and year published in the COMMENTS field or send the list of the titles via email to Zdenek.Svoboda@trade.gov
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