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Established in 1987, U.S. Intermodal Maritime provides comprehensive, value-added services for your logistics needs. By signing service contracts directly with key carriers, we provide customers with access to the most competitive carriers, transit times, and rates. Operating effectively between Asia, Europe, India, North America and South America, U.S. Intermodal Maritime closes the loop in our customers' supply chains by achieving the fulfillment requirements for production, retail distribution, and end-customer requirements while minimizing fixed costs imposed by cycle times and inventory management.

With customer-centered principles, U.S. Intermodal Maritime strives to offer the best rate and service packages while applying innovative technological solutions to help our customer succeed in the dynamic and competitive international market place. We provide the following transportation and logistics services for the punctual and efficient transportation of your goods:

    Weekly FCL Service Points throughout North America, Asia, and Europe. Direct Weekly Consolidation Boxes to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, New York and Toronto.

    Air and Ocean Door to Door and Port to Port Services.

    Comprehensive Customs Brokerage Services

    Drayage and Delivery Order Management

    Information and Technology System Solutions

    Consulting and Compliance Specialization

For a direct service quote, please visit U.S. Intermodal Maritime's website at http://www.usim-oak.com/ for more information about the company.

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