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Calendar 2019
Trade Events, Shows and International Buyer Delegations to the U.S.
If you are interested in one of the events below, please send an email to Christiane.Pinheiro@trade.gov
( Some events can be canceled or have the dates changed, so please confirm)

January 2019
Electricity delivery automation and control systems, energy efficiency, renewable energy, etc.

CIOSP Dental Congress
January 2019
Sao Paulo, SP

Aerospace Seminar / SelectUSA – Investments in the US
January 2019
Sao Jose dos Campos, SP
Workshop focused on introducing techniques to Brazilian firms willing to create a business plan for their US investments

CES – Consumer Electronics Show
January 8-11, 2019
Las Vegas, NV
Largest technology show in the World
More info: patricia.marega@trade.gov

NRF – Retail Show 2019
January 09-17 2019
New York, NY
– Brazilian Delegation

January 21-25, 2019
International Buyer Delegation
Las Vegas
Law Enforcement

World of Concrete
January 22-25, 2019
International Buyer Delegation
Las Vegas

Ecommerce Webinar series – Apparel companies
February 2019
Textile industry
Via webinar – upon previous registration

  • 2019
    February 11-15, 2019
    Orlando, FL
    Health information and technology conference

Poultry Show (IPPE)
February 12-14, 2019
Atlanta, Georgia

NAHB International Builder´s Show
February 19-21, 2019
International Buyer Delegation
Las Vegas, NV

Global Offshore Brazil Summit 2019
February 20-21, 2019
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

IFA 2019 - Convention
February 22-28
Mandalay Bay Convention Center
Las Vegas, NV

Oceanology International Americas
February 25-27, 2019
Trade Show-
San Diego

Webinar on Aviation / Airports/Drones
March 2019
Via Webinar – upon previous registration

Intermodal South America
Sao Paulo, SP
Freight transportation, logistics and foreign trade

Webinar – Wellness and Supplement segments
Via webinar, upon previous registration

RSA Conference 2019
March 4-8
San Francisco, CA
Cybersecurity and Information security

Natural Products Expo West
March 06 – 09
Anaheim, CA

Brazil Decommissioning Reverse Mission to Houston
March 2019
Reverse Trade Mission

Webinar Airport and Aviation Market Opportunities
March 15, 2019
Rio de Janeiro

Conference - IADC Int’l Deepwater Drilling Conference & Exhibition
March 19-20, 2019
Rio de Janeiro

Intermodal South America
March 19-21
Sao Paulo, SP
Infrastructure / Transportation

Scientific Instruments Reverse Trade Mission
March 19-22, 2019
Laboratory and scientific instruments

March 24-27
Las Vegas, NV

Deal Team Smart Cities Roadshow -
March / April
Brasilia and Curitiba
Smart cities opportunities

Seminar DID meeting – Defense Industry Dialogues
April 01, 2019
Rio de Janeiro

April 02-05, 2019
Trade Mission
Rio de Janeiro
Defense/Law Enforcement

April 6-11
Las Vegas, NV
Radio, TV, Broadcasting
More info: patricia.marega@trade.gov

April13-18, 2019
International Buyer Delegation

Maryland Education Trade Mission
April 10-12, 2019
SP, SP/Rio, RJ/Belém, PA

April 29 -May 3
Ribeirão Preto, SP

May 06-09
Solid Waste Management Sector

Trade Show - Offshore Technology Conference
May 06-09, 2019

English USA CTM
May 09-11, 2019
Rio/Belo Horizonte

Alternative Asset Funds Trade Mission
May 2019
Trade Mission
Sao Paulo

BETT Brasil Educar CTM
May 14-17
Sao Paulo, SP
Education IT companies

NRA Conference
May 18-21
Hotel, Bar and restaurant sectors

Brazil Oil & Gas Road Show
May 20-23, 2019
Rio de Janeiro

May 21-24, 2019
Largest medical event in Latin America
Sao Paulo, SP

Greater Boston area Service Mission
May (last week)
Sao Paulo, SP
Services sectors

May 26-31
Washington, DC
Association of International Educators

VTex Day
May 30
Sao Paulo, SP
Trade Mission
Retail e-Commerce Innovation

June 2019
Digital Workshop
Recife, PE
Issues on digital policy and need for private sector involvement

American Institute of Architects National Convention
June 06-08, 2019
Conference and Trade Show
New York, NY

June 25-29
Chicago, IL
E-commerce focusing in the retail industry

Brazil Offshore
June 25-28, 2019
Trade Show
Macaé, RJ

Drone Show
June 27-29
Sao Paulo

ABF Franchising Expo
June 26-29
Sao Paulo

E-commerce Brazil Forum
July 16-19
Largest e-commerce event in Latin America

Colorado Trade Mission to Brazil
Sao Paulo, SP
Colorado companies coming to Brazil to establish partnerships

LATAM Retail Show
largest retail and digital show in Latin America

Farm Progress Show
Decatur, Illinois
Agriculture Machinery

Expointer Farm Show
Esteio, Rio Grande do Sul

LABACE Retail Show
August 13-15
Latin America Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition
Sao Paulo, SP
Largest business aviation event in Latin America

ANDAV – Brazilian Fertilizers Distributor Association Congress

Visit USA Roadshow
August – September
Rio de Janeiro, Campinas and Belo Horizonte
USA destinations – promoting travel industry

Sao Paulo, SP
premier business and technology event for the broadcast and new media in Latin America

Rio Pipeline 2019
Sept 03-05, 2019
Rio de Janeiro

Sept 9-12
Belo Horizonte
Mineral Products

Big Iron Farm Show
Fargo, ND
Agricultural Machinery – large scale agriculture

ASIS Security Conference
Sept 10-15, 2019
International Buyer Delegation

Gastech Houston
Sept 17-19, 2019
International Buyer Delegation

Railway Interchange
Sep 22-25
Minneapolis, MN
Railway exhibition and technical conference

Analitica Latin America –
September 24-26, 2019
Scientific instruments and laboratory science
São Paulo, SP

Sao Paulo, SP
Water and Wastewater treatment

Chemical Mission
3rd week of September

September / October
Water and Wastewater sector

World Dairy Expo
Madison, WI
Dairy Industry

Offshore Technology Conference Brazil (OTC BRAZIL)
October 29-31, 2019
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • - - - - - - - -


Jan. 09 – 11, 2018
NAHB International Builder’s Show
Orlando, FL

Jan. 09 – 12, 2018
CES 2018
Las Vegas, NV
Electronics / IT

Jan. 11 – 18
NRF Show
New York, NY

Jan. 23 – 26, 2018
The Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show)
Las Vegas

Jan. 23 – 26, 2018
World of Concrete
Las Vegas

January 30 – February 1, 2018
IPPE International Production and Processing Expo
Atlanta, GA
Poultry, meat and feed industries

February 10 – 13, 2018

IFA – International Franchise Association Show 2018
Conference + Trade Show
Phoenix, AZ

February 20-21
Decommissioning & Abandonment Summit 2018
Houston, TX

March 5-9, 2018
SelectUSA Roadshow
São Paulo, Recife, Porto Alegre
Investments in the U.S.

March 07 - 09, 2018
Rio Content Market
Rio de Janeiro

March 13-15
Intermodal South America
Sao Paulo
Intermodal logistics.

April 26, November 15
Upcoming Infrastructure Projects in Latin America
Webinar Series -

May 07 – 11, 2018
NPE2018: The Plastics Show
Orlando, Florida
Plastics Manufacture
Brazilian companies register here (interessados em participar da Delegação Brasileira favor cadastrar-se em : https://www.buyusa.gov/brazil/npea01a_form/index.asp )

May 19 – 22, 2018
Trade Show + Conference
NRA – National Restaurant Association Show 2018
Chicago, IL
Hotel, Bar and Restaurants (Equipments and Services)

May 21-25, 2018
Argus Latin America Week
-Latin America LNG Summit
-Rio Crude Conference
-Latin America Motor Fuels Conference
Sheraton Grand Rio Hotel & Resort, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

May 22 – 24, 2018
Las Vegas, NV
Global License – flyer here

May 22-25, 2018
São Paulo, SP - Expo Center Norte.
A Hospitalar é o maior evento de produtos para a saúde e TI na América Latina. Cerca de 30 empresas americanas estarão expondo no pavilhão americano. O Consulado Americano estará organizando reuniões entre empresários americanos que procuram parcerias comerciais no Brasil e também organizará o evento International Patient Day, onde pacientes e médicos irão discutir sua experiência em como a tecnologia brasileira impactou em suas vidas e negócios. Mais informações com Jefferson.Oliveira@trade.gov

May 23, 2018
International Patient Day
15hs00 – Mezzanino da Feira Hospitalar
São Paulo – SP – Expo Center Norte
Dentro da Hospitalar, acontecerá a International Patient Day - Este evento trará a apresentação de pacientes e médicos que dividirão com a plateia, composta por médicos e enfermeiros, sobre como a tecnologia desenvolvida nos Estados Unidos melhorou a qualidade de vida dos pacientes.

May 23, 2018
US-Americas LNG Forum I
Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Flyer – Click here
Organized by: US Commercial Service Rio de Janeiro, FGV, LNG Allies and US Trade and Development Agency

May 23-24, 2018
IX SIEN - International Symposium for Nuclear Energy  (IX Seminário Internacional de Energia Nuclear)
Clube de Engenharia – Rio de Janeiro – RJ
* The 4th ExpoNuclear will occur on the same days and at the same location.
* Conference main topics include: Angra 3, What’s Ahead for Eletronuclear, Private Sector Partnerships, Nuclear Fuel, Radiation Technologies for Society’s Benefits, etc.

May 25
Film Webinar – Flyer click here
Sector: Movie, Films

June 04-07, 2018
BIO 2018
Biotech Pharma
Este é o maior encontro da indústria de biotecnologia farmacêutica no mundo. Estarão presentes as maiores empresas e start ups do mercado. O Consulado Americano está organizando uma missão para visitar o evento, oferecendo desconto na entrada da feira.

June 05 – 08, 2018
IRCE – Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition
Flyer – Click here
Chicago, IL

June 19-21, 2018
Aerospace Meetings Brazil 2018
São José dos Campos, SP
Matchmaking event

June 20-22, 2018
2018 SelectUSA Investment Summit
Washington, D.C.
Investments in the U.S.

June 21 – 23, 2018
American Institute of Architects (AIA) National Convention
New York, NY

June 25 – 27, 2018
Trade Mission
Florida Services Reverse Trade Mission
Services – Companies participating

June 25-27, 2018
Global Cold Chain Show
Flyer – Click here
Chicago, IL

June 26, 2018
Defense Industry Dialogue Midyear Meetings
Rio de Janeiro
The October 10 second U.S.-Brazil Defense Industry Dialogue was extremely productive, concluding with the desire to have more tailored working groups as platforms to address priority areas for collaboration and business opportunities. Working group topics are aligned with DID priorities and also with government-to-government ongoing discussions. Working Group leads will finalize Action Plans and timelines of engagement that will advance their agendas. All Working Groups will hold calls or meetings in the first semester of 2018 to organize themselves around their Action Plans; they will then reconvene during the DID Midyear Meetings in Rio in June 2018 to report out on progress and continued next steps.

June 27-29, 2018
RIDEX - Rio International Defense Exhibition
Rio de Janeiro
RIDEX - Rio International Defense Exhibition was created with the objective of bringing together professionals from the Defense, Security and Offshore areas. The intention is to show how the military has evolved in the military and civilian areas, through the integration of industry, academia and technology research and development centers.RIDEX is a fair organized by EMGEPRON that will bring military authorities, government representatives and executives from various companies to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the industry in these segments. Throughout the three-day event there will be seminars, symposiums, dynamic lectures and, in the external area, live demonstrations of boats, ships and aircraft in the Guanabara Bay.

July 18-20, 2018
7th Conference and Matchmaking Session of the Oil and Gas Sector in North and Northeast Brazil
Salvador, Brazil

The 7th Conference and Matchmaking Session of the Oil and Gas Sector in North and Northeast Brazil will address onshore and offshore opportunities in the region. Also, the event is a good opportunity to get to know the supplying demands of goods and services from companies located at the Camaçari Industrial Park. 300+ reps from local operators to supply and service companies are expected to participate in the event.

July 29 – August 02
AACC Clinical

Chicago, IL

A AACC é o maior encontro da indústria de diagnóstico clínico in vitro. O Consulado Americano está recrutando a delegação de participantes, oferecendo registro para a feira e visitas técnicas. Mais informações com Jefferson.Oliveira@trade.gov

August 14 - 16

MarinTec South America

Rio de Janeiro, RJ


August 19-24
Hospital Mission to multiplle cities
Missão composta por 10 hospitais de primeira linha dos Estados Unidos para discutir parcerias e cooperação com entidades e profissionais no Brasil.
Porto Alegre, São Paulo e Recife
More info: Jefferson.Oliveira@trade.gov

Sept. 4-6
BCIU Smart City Visit to Brazil
Sao Paulo, Campinas and Guarulhos
More info: Ebe.Raso@trade.gov

September 10-13, 2018
Big Iron Farm Show
North Dakota
click here for flyer

Sept 10-15, 2018
Chicago – IL
IMTS - International Manufacturing Technology Show

Segmento: Tecnologia de Manufatura e Produção

September 24-27, 2018
Rio Oil & Gas 2018
Riocentro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
More info: Regina.cunha@trade.gov

** Rio Oil and Gas is Brazil' foremost event for the development of offshore resources in the fields of drilling, exploration, production, and environmental protection. It is organized by the Brazilian Oil, Gas and Biofuels Institute (IBP).To participate in the USA Pavilion at this show, please contact IMEX Management: http://www.imexmanagement.com/shows/rio-oil-gas-2018

October 09-19, 2018
Onshore Reverse Mission to OK and TX
Sector: Energy

November 23 - 28 de novembro
Greater New York Dental Meeting

Além da feira comercial que apresentará os lançamentos de equipamentos e produtos, os participantes da delegação brasileira terão descontos nos cursos e palestras, com certificação de participação e créditos.
More info: Jefferson.Oliveira@trade.gov

November 13-16, 2018
Greenbuild International Conference and Expo
International Buyer Delegation
Chicago, IL

Nov 21, 2018
Seminar Oil and Gas Sector
Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Nov 22-23, 2018
Seminar – Natural Gas Mobility
Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Nov 29, 2018
Oil, Gas & Compliance Forum
Rio de Janeiro

Dec 03, 2018
Seminar Natural Gas Outlook for Rio
Rio de Janeiro

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