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Market Reports

Brazil Natural Gas Market Potential

Oil and Gas Decommissioning Opportunities in Brazil

Brazil’s 14th Oil Bidding Round Results Potential Opportunities to US suppliers of Oil and Gas Equipments and Services

Recent changes to Brazil Oil and Gas sector may attract more business opportunities

Brazil - BahiaGás Proposal for Natural Gas

Status of Petrobras Suppliers under the Oil Company’s New Administration

Brazil Oil and Gas Onshore Revitalization Program

Brazil Prepares to Privatize Local Natural Gas Distribution Companies

Decommissioning Opportunities in Brazil’s Oil and Gas Horizon

Transpetro Seeks In-line Smart Pig Pipeline Inspection Services Providers

Petrobras 2017-2021 Investment Plan, Procurement Department Restructuring, and Suppliers/Service Registration Information

Rio de Janeiro State Profile

Trade Lead: Petrobras Seeks Valve Maintenance Service Companies

A general outlook on Brazil’s Natural Gas Market

IOCs Think Long Term for Brazil

Brazil: Private Investments in LNG Power Plants Signal Continued Import Demand

12th International Energy Conference Brazil Energy and Power 2015 - Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil

Petrobras Seeks A Service Provider and Investor for a Gas Pipeline Project

BRAZIL Market Overview: COAL

Petrobras Announces Five-Year Investment Plan

Brazil’s National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) announced the opening of a 13th round for oil and gas exploratory bids this May, during the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, TX. ANP is expected to auction a total of 269 blocks in the final quarter of 2015. This report provides information on the pre-bidding process, including local content average percentage requirements.

Brazilian Government Encourages More Diversity in the Oil and Gas Onshore Upstream Segment - This report describes steps that the Brazilian Oil and Gas Regulator is taking to encourage more small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to enter the onshore exploration market. It outlines the criteria the agency would use to define what would be considered small and medium-sized. This report also provides a list of oil players in Brazil.

E&P Firms in Brazil Announce Oil and Gas Blocks for Sale - As is typical for exploration and production (E&P) firms worldwide, many E&Ps operating in Brazil announced a number of blocks for sale in late 2014,as reported by Brasil Energia magazine. This IMI illustrates some of these activities, and alerts US oil companies of a new oil bidding round to be held in Brazil in 2015.

Petrobras presentations at the Rio Oil and Gas Show 2014:
Ronaldo Martins

Paulo Alonso

ANP Proposes New Oil and Gas R&D Rules
- This report announces Brazil's National Oil Regulator's proposal of a new resolution to set guidelines and criteria for oil and gas R&D spending.

Gas Utilities’ Pipeline Expansion Plan - This report partially reproduces comments from the Brazilian Gas Distribution Association (ABEGAS) during a recent Gas Seminar in Rio, where ABEGAS disclosed gas distribution pipeline expansion plans.

Outlook for Brazil’s Oil and Gas Onshore Segment - This report summarizes the results of the 12th oil onshore licensing round and provides information on the Brazil Onshore Trade Show scheduled for November 25-27, 2014.

Natural Gas Sector Overview in Brazil - This IMI provides an outlook of Brazil’s natural gas subsector, including the new Gas Law and the recently launched draft of the 2013-2022 gas network expansion plan “PEMAT”. It also summarizes the results of the 12th oil licensing round held on November 28, 2013.

Challenges for U.S. Companies in the Brazilian Oil and Gas Sector – October 2013

Brazil’s 12th Bidding Round for Oil and Gas Exploration and Development – October 2013

The Brazilian Shipbuilding Industry Booms with Brazil’s Pre-Salt Oil & Gas Projects - This report provides an overview of Brazil's oil pre-salt, best sales opportunities, and also summarizes the Brazilian shipbuilding industry.

Shale Gas Prospects in Brazil, August 2013 - This reports provides an overview of shale gas prospects in Brazil, challenges, and possible opportunities for U.S. companies. It also announces the planned 12th oil licensing round for conventional and non-conventional oil and gas blocks.

Results of Brazil's 11th Bid Round for Conventional Oil Exploratory Blocks – July 2013

The Brazilian Oil Pre-Salt Program: Update, Opportunities and Special Themes – February 2013

Trade Events 2019

February 25-27, 2019     
MDCP program Oceanology International Americas       

San Diego, California      
The three-day conference and exhibition will be returning in 2019 newly branded as Oceanology International Americas to broaden its reach to the rest of the Americas. This is with the aim of welcoming over 2,700 attendees and enabling more than 200 exhibitors to showcase the latest ocean technologies and industry developments on the trade show floor as well as on water demos and vessels. Attracting visitors from a variety of industries including offshore oil & gas, ports & harbors, marine renewables, maritime security and marine science, Oceanology International gives the opportunity for buyers and suppliers to do business in one location. Oceanology International offers structured networking opportunities to help suppliers establish relationships and secure business on a global scale.

More information: Regina Cunha 55 21 3823-2416

March 19-20, 2019
IADC Int’l Deepwater Drilling Conference & Exhibition      

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

April 3 - 5
World Nuclear Spotlight

Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil.

May 6-9, 2019   
Offshore Technology Conference Houston

Houston, TX

June 25-28, 2019              
Brazil Offshore     

Macaé, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Gastech 2019 – Exhibition & Conference
Local: Houston, Texas.
Datas: 17-19 de setembro de 2019

A Gastech é a principal conferência das indústrias de gás e GNL nos Estados Unidos. A Petrobras já confirmou presença como palestrante no Painel “Global Leaders Summit”. A Gastech recebe mais de 700 expositores internacionais, regionais e locais, e reúne mais de 35.000 profissionais do setor. Durante três dias, as principais empresas do setor estarão expondo as mais recentes e importantes tecnologias (serviços e produtos) do segmento. Ao longo do evento, as principais questões atuais de gás e GNL também estarão sendo abordadas através de centenas de painéis e apresentações.

September 3-5, 2019      
Rio Pipeline 2019

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil      

September 17-19, 2019 
Gastech Houston

Houston, Texas


  • 2019 - The Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Exposition 

Local: Nova Orleans, Louisiana

Datas: 9-11 de outubro de 2019

A "LAGCOE” é a segunda maior feira internacional de petróleo nos Estados Unidos nos segmentos de perfuração, exploração, produção e proteção ambiental. O evento, que ocorre nos anos ímpares, conta com centenas de empresas expositoras e mais de 10.000 visitantes em cada uma de suas edições. Pela primeira vez em sua história, o evento será realizado na cidade de Nova Orleans.

October 29-31, 2019
OTC Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, RJ

(This is not a large show, like the Rio Oil and Gas is, but given the recent positive developments in Brazil’s oil and gas sector, it may attract more exhibitors/attendees this year.  I tried to convince IMEX to recruit for a Brazilian pavilion, but they declined, as they will do that for the 2020 Rio Oil and Gas Show.)

INAC – International Nuclear Atlantic Conference
October 21 – 25, 2019
Santos, São Paulo

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