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Market Reports

“Brazil’s Regional Airport Modernization Program” - This report provides detailed information on Brazil’s need to update the infrastructure of existing regional airports and add new facilities to the network. The government of Brazil is planning on investing an estimated US$ 3.5 Billion on regional airports in the first phase of investment alone. This expansion could potentially create valuable opportunities for U.S. Companies.

Northeast Seeks to Attract TAM Airline’s New Hub

The following are speaker presentations during the U.S. Suppliers Airport Roadshow to Brazil On May 18-19, 2015:

“Program for the Development of Regional Airports”, Marçal Rodrigues Goulart, Director of Airports at Infraero - Marçal speaks about the government agency Infraero’s role at Brazil’s airports and its plans to

“Airway Plan for the State of Bahia”, Marcus Cavalcanti, Secretary, Secretary of Infrastructure for the State of Bahia Marcus presents the growth and modernization plans for airports in the state of Bahia, in the Northeast of Brazil.

“FAA Mission in Brazil:  An Overview”, Leandro Paul Friedman, Federal Aviation Administration Senior Representative, South America - Mr. Friedman provides background information on the FAA and focuses on the importance of its partnership with the Brazilian aviation industry.

“Role of the US Export-Import Bank” , Kate Bishop, Business Development,  Export-Import Bank of the U.S. - Kate discusses the role of the EXIM bank in detail, including data on past examples of assistance it provided to relevant projects and information about how EXIM provides financial support to the export/import process.

“Airports in the State of Sao Paulo”, Álvaro Cardoso, Director of Airports, Department of Aviation for the State of Sao Paulo - Álvaro speaks about past and future airport investments in the state of Sao Paulo.

“Development of the National Program for Regional Aviation” , Delmo Pinho, Subsecretary, Secretary of Transportation in the State of Rio de Janeiro - Mr. Pinho goes over Rio’s plan to further develop its airports and heliports. He encompasses both  Rio’s main airport (Galeao) and other regional airports and heliports throughout the State.

“Overview of Sao Paulo’s International Airport”, Miguel Dau, Director of Operations, Guarulhos Airport - Commander Dau details a 20 year investment plan for the GRU airport and provides key information about South America’s leading airport.

“Institutional Presentation – GOL Airlines” , Alberto Fajerman, Director of Institutional Relations, GOL Airlines   - Alberto presents information on GOL’s growth and its role in regional aviation in Brazil, including its needs for future development in this sector.

“TAM Airlines – Regional Aviation”, Tatiane Viana, Manager of Regulatory Issues, TAM - Ms. Viana presents TAM’s role in past and future growth of Brazil’s regional airport network in addition to providing important information about the company.

“SAC – Regional Aviation”, Eduardo Henn Bernardi, Secretary of Airports, Secretariat of Civil Aviation

SAC is a government agency that helps in the development of Brazil’s airport network. - In his presentation, Mr. Bernardi outlines the agency’s Logistics Investment Program and its goal of bringing airport access to more people and modernizing existing airports. He also outlines TREINAR, a program to train staff at /rural airports. 

“ABRASET – A Summary”, Jorge Eduardo Leal Medeiros, President, Brazilian Association of Service, Equipment and Technology Providers for Airports  - Jorge explains ABRASET’s role in supporting and investing in Brazil’s regional airport plan.

“Aviation Sector Activities in Brazil”, Nathan Young,  Brazil Director, U.S. Trade and Development Agency

Nathan provides key background information on USTDA, along with examples of projects it has worked on in Brazil’s airport sector.

“Aviation Partnership: U.S. Mission Role in Brazil’s Airport Modernization Program”, Alexis Haakensen, Aerospace Industry Specialist, International Trade Administration - Alexis speaks briefly about the ITA’s Aerospace and Defense team in Washington.

“The Airport that Rio Deserves” , Marcelo Varella, Strategic Development, Rio Galeão International Airport - Rio de Janeiro is in the process of modernizing its international airport before the 2016 Olympic Games. Mr. Varella speaks in detail about these plans.

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