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BUYUSA.GOV -- U.S. Commercial Service

United Kingdom

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Featured U.S. Exporters

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FUSE Logo.jpg

FUSE or Featured US Exporters is an on-line directory of U.S. exporters who are seeking to find qualified agents, distributors or representatives for their products and services. The companies contained in our list below are those that have indicated an interest in the UK market.

Feel free to browse through the companies we are currently working with, and if you are interested in any of the products or services, please contact the relevant Commercial Specialist who will then review your inquiry and if your interest matches our client's objective, we will contact you back with further information.

Please note, we are only able to process inquiries from UK based companies. If you are not based in the United Kingdom, you can find links to your local U.S. Commercial Service's website via Our Worldwide Sites page.

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