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University of San Francisco

Contact: Ms. Krittaya Pichitnapakul, Marketing Director/ USF alumna

Tel: +66 2-685-3515, Mobile: +66 86 061-6388

For more information, please contact us or visit www.usfca.edu


1. 50% Scholarship for Undergraduate

2. USF Representative Office in Bangkok

3. University in the center of San Francisco

4. Top 10 in diversity and Small class with individual attention

The University of San Francisco is a highly-ranked, private, Jesuit University offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, Law, and Nursing.  USF ranks in the top-tier of national universities in the U.S. and in the Top 25 for student diversity. USF's strategic location in San Francisco provides students with unique opportunities in the fields of business, communications, computer science, economics, finance, law, and technology.

At USF students get the right blend of theory and practice. USF’s close ties with local businesses and companies in the city and in Silicon Valley provide students with opportunities for learning, research, internships and potential employment following graduation. Guest speakers and adjunct professors from private industry bring their real-world experience into the classroom. Small class sizes (an average of 20 students) make it easy for students to work closely with faculty mentors while exploring both academic and career choices.

USF meets the stringent standards set by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the Association of American Law Schools, and the California Board of Registered Nursing, to name a few.

USF offers:

  • An accessible, devoted faculty that prepares you for success.
  • Attention to individual needs, respect for unique circumstances and concerns, and particular gifts.
  • Integration of real-life experiences into coursework: internships, fieldwork, research, and other opportunities to apply what you learn.

You may learn more about USF by accessing our website at: www.usfca.edu

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