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Monroe College in New York

Contact: Ryan Hemmesch, Assistant Director of International Admissions

Tel: 914 740-6406

For more information, please contact us or visit www.monroecollege.edu

Monroe College has been inspiring students since 1933. We offer over 25 different Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. Here, students study for careers in today’s most in-demand fields including Accounting, Business, Criminal Justice, Healthcare, Hospitality and the Culinary Arts, Education, and Information Technology.

Our philosophy at Monroe is Education for the Real World. This means providing relevant, real world career training that can be applied immediately in the workforce.  The professors we hire actually work in the disciplines in which they teach. We assist students in obtaining internships that provide invaluable on-the-job experience. And we promote instruction that mirrors real world scenarios so students graduate ready to step in and succeed.

Our convenient location in New Rochelle offers the best of all worlds. On campus, students find a quiet, relaxed atmosphere where they can focus on their studies and make friends. Living accommodations are spacious and many units have their own kitchens so a meal plan is not required. There are also plenty of clubs, sports and social events for all to enjoy.

But when campus life needs a bit of extra excitement, students can board a train and be in the heart of America’s most exciting city, New York City, in just 30 minutes. New York is America’s crossroads of history, art, entertainment, food and fashion. It is also where Monroe students intern and seek jobs with the biggest companies in the world. Some of our career partners include: IBM, MTV, United Nations, NYPD, & PricewaterhouseCoopers, among others

A Family of Support

College is supposed to be challenging. But for students trying to learn the language and customs of a new country it can be especially difficult. At Monroe, however, international students find a unique culture of caring and support. This is not a campus of huge, impersonal lecture halls.  Most Monroe classes boast sizes of less than 25 people. Our professors know all students by name and will arrive early or stay late to help anyone who needs it. 

Outside of class a group of advisors dedicated to our international community offer around the clock academic and personal support. These advisors routinely call students to check on their progress, make sure they’re attending class and get them involved on campus. Advisors plan hiking trips, outings to New York City, weekly coffee hours and a wide variety of on campus events. Through these shared experiences, students find a true family of support and encouragement. Monroe is a home away from home.

English Language Support

With most colleges, students must travel elsewhere to participate in ESL programs. Not so at Monroe. Our unique ELLI (English Language Learning Institute) is located right on campus so students can incorporate language studies effortlessly into the rest of their academic routine. But ELLI is more than just excellent language instruction, it is an entire network of students who support each other and socialize. ELLI is a genuine community of friends.

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