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CATS Academy Boston

Contact: Julia Gonchar, Global Sales Manager

Tel: 603-380-4326

For more information, please contact us or visit www.catsacademyboston.com

Cambridge Education Group, the leading independent provider of academic, creative and English language programs in the UK, introduced its first centers in the USA just this past September 2012. Building upon over 60 years’ experience, Cambridge Education Group is proud to now offer two high quality and prestigious programs in Boston – the top academic destination in the United States.

CATS Academy Boston

CATS Academy Boston is a private boarding high school with both international and domestic students in grades 9-12. Built in 1893, our building formally housed a Catholic high school and offers the true American high school experience. With a capacity for over 400 students, the large and beautiful premises boasts over 15 classrooms, on-site gymnasium, multitudes of after school activities and even a yellow school bus.

Featuring a rigorous American curriculum, countless extracurricular opportunities and a multitude of social activities, the Academy prepares students for progression into top U.S. colleges and universities. Our classes are taught by experienced and accomplished teachers with decades of experience and degrees from prestigious Universities such as Harvard College, Columbia University and Boston College. The structured curriculum includes and is not limited to:

  • Core subjects (English, Math, Sciences, etc)
  • Elective courses (Statistics, Creative Writing, Political Theory, etc.)
  • Honors and Advanced Placement courses
  • ESL preparation
  • SAT preparation

Our commitment to the student does not stop at providing excellent academics – we provide numerous avenues for social development through athletics, after school activities, social excursions and dormitory living. The residence options are located throughout the Boston area, providing safe and secure accommodation in great locations with good access to central Boston and other local attractions. At our residences, students meet and make friends from all over the world – adding to their international experience and also expanding their English language development. The Academy’s goal is to graduate well rounded students that are excellent candidates for colleges around the country.

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