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Shoreline Community College

Contact: Diana Sampson, Executive Director of International Education
Tel: 206-546-4512
For more information, please contact us or visit www.shoreline.edu/international

Shoreline Community College is a beautiful, tree-lined campus that is located in the northern part of Seattle - a vibrant and exciting city known for companies like Microsoft, Boeing, and Starbucks Coffee. Since 1964, Shoreline has provided a safe learning environment and excellence in education, including outstanding student services and a high-quality yet affordable two-year degree program.

Shoreline is an accredited state college offering over a hundred excellent academic and professional/technical programs. Some of our most popular majors include business, economics, engineering, computer Science, biochemistry, psychology, music, art.

Shoreline offers a wide range of international student services, including the following:

  • a comprehensive ESL program with six levels and a bridge to college courses,
  • individual assistance with academic and career planning,
  • workshops with detailed information specifically designed for international students,
  • expert help with immigration information and procedures, and
  • social activities designed to help you make friends and have fun!

Your Shoreline degree can easily open the door to completing your bachelor's degree at a four-year university (2-year degree from Shoreline + 2 years at a university = bachelor's degree).

Many of our international students have successfully transferred to some of the most prestigious four-year institutions across the country, such as University of Washington, University of Southern California, Pennsylvania State University, and University of California - Los Angeles.

Shoreline has partnerships with about 15 universities across the U.S. to offer conditional guaranteed transfer admission. These partner universities will guarantee admission for international students who transfer from Shoreline after earning the Associate's degrees and meeting specific basic admission criteria.

Shoreline does not require TOEFL or IELTS for admission. The average size of classes ranges from 25 to 35 students. Each international student is assigned a full-time faculty academic advisor to assist them with academic plans, university transfer and future careers.

At Shoreline, international students can participate in the Early College/High School Completion Program, allowing them to complete a high school diploma and transfer to university at the same time. This program provides the opportunity for highly motivated students to get a jump start on college.

The College has approximately 10,000 students with around 750 international students from 36 countries. Although diverse, the group is small enough to allow Shoreline to maintain a caring environment, providing individual attention to each of its students.

Shoreline Community College is here to help you identify and reach your goals - from the admissions process to class registration, and from academic advising to transferring to the four-year university of your choice. Let us help you build a rewarding future at Shoreline Community College and beyond!

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