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Navitas at University of Massachusetts

Contact: Mr. Jerry Czub, Assistant Marketing Director
Tel: 1-978-888-1366
Email: jerry.czub@navitas.com
For more information, please contact us or visit http://www.uml.navitas.com , http://www.umb.navitas.com and http://www.umd.navitas.com

University of Massachusetts:

The University of Massachusetts (UMass) has been providing high quality educational opportunities for students and faculty from all over the world for more than 100 years. According to the Times of London’s 2012-13 World University Rankings, the UMass University System is ranked 72nd in the Global Top 200, ranked 4th in Massachusetts (after Harvard, MIT and Tufts) and was the 14th highest-rated American public university. The UMass systems is comprised of 5 campuses and is truly a world class university system nestled in the beautiful education capitol of the world – Massachusetts, USA. For international students thinking about studying for a Bachelors or Masters degree in the USA, Navitas offers Pathway Programs at the University UMass Lowell, UMass Dartmouth and UMass Boston. Navitas students are enrolled with the University from the day they arrive. This means as a Navitas student, students will have access to state-of-the-art university facilities and services, including libraries, computer laboratories, recreation facilities, on-campus accommodation, health and career services. The Navitas at UMass Pathway Program is composed of academic and support elements that enable you to successfully complete your UMass degree.

University of Massachusetts Lowell (UMass Lowell):

UMass Lowell is a tier-one national university (#158), according to US News & World Report. UMass Lowell is internationally recognized in science and engineering and a leader in Nanotechnology/Biotechnology. UMass Lowell also offers an MBA program ranked in the top 100 in the USA as well as strong undergraduate offerings in the business discipline. The city of Lowell is a short 35 minute train ride to the historic city of Boston and provides a comfortable urban living environment with easy access to a major USA city.

University of Massachusetts Boston (UMass Boston):

UMass Boston hosts one of the most diverse student populations in New England and is Boston’s only public university offering a world class and affordable education. Recognized as a comprehensive research university with a teaching soul, UMass Boston is nationally renowned as a model of excellence for urban universities. UMass Boston is ranked among the top 20 universities in Massachusetts and is a major provider of academic programs in the areas of Business, Liberal Arts, and Science and Mathematics.

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (UMass Dartmouth):

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth has been educating students since 1895, and is part of the reputed ‘University of Massachusetts System’. The 9,000 students studying at UMass Dartmouth can choose from 88 degrees and over 100 student clubs and organizations. The 700 acre campus is located just one hour from the city of Boston and only thirty minutes from the historic and vibrant city of Providence, Rhode Island and is also close to the fantastic beaches of the East Coast. US News and World Report consistently ranks UMass Dartmouth as the top ‘regional’ university in New England.

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