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Kaplan Global Pathways

Contact: Mr. Jatejumras Puengpatipan, Customer Support Manager
Tel: +66 81802 7881 ; Fax: +662 974 9208
For more information, please contact us or visit www.global-pathways.com, www.kaplaninternational.com

The Global Pathways course is your first step toward reaching your goal of achieving a bachelor’s or master’s degree at a top ranked US university. This university pathways course combines university level academic courses with intensive English training in the classroom.

Students will receive personalized support with cultural assimilation outside of the classroom, making it easy to adapt to college student life and the US academic system. Once admitted to the Global Pathways course, students are guaranteed acceptance to the university as long as they meet the requirements and successfully complete the course.

After successful completion of Global Pathways, you will begin your course of study as a full time undergraduate or graduate student at the university you have chosen, and you will be prepared for a prosperous academic future at a top American University.

Global Pathways offer courses with progression to a bachelor’s or master’s degree at these top ranked US universities.

Merrimack College

Founded in 1947 Merrimack College is a prestigious institution located just over 40 km (25 miles) north of Boston, offering a range of high-quality degrees and a highly regarded co-operative program. We offer direct entry to this US university.

Merrimack College is a private university with an impressive academic reputation, and commitment to preparing students to achieve their career goals. Located in North Andover just outside Boston on a stunning 0.89km² campus, the University attracts talented students from all over the world.

Merrimack College offers 90+ academic majors and minors

Students are offered excellent academic degrees combined with a wealth of real-world job opportunities.

Enter the first year of a wide range of bachelor’s or master’s degree across four schools: Business, Education, Science & Engineering and Liberal Arts.

Work experience

Students can also take advantage of Merrimack College’s Cooperative Education program (co-op) or internship program, which allows you to gain relevant and practical work experience in jobs related to your field or interests.

Best-of-both-worlds location

You will benefit from living in a small-town community with big-city access. Just 30 minutes from Boston, Merrimack College has one of the most beautiful campuses in New England. Enjoy fresh air and landscaped grounds as you study, learn, and relax on the green campus. Merrimack is located in North Andover, Massachusetts – a great place to shop in funky boutiques, hang out in coffee shops, and browse bookstores. You can also swim, hike and go horseback riding nearby.

A Top Ranked American University!


ü Named a ‘Best College’ in the Northeast by Princeton Review

ü Ranked 10th in US News and World Report’s Best Regional Colleges (North), 2014

ü Ranked #238 in America’s Top Colleges by Forbes

ü Benefit from small class sizes: a student/staff ratio of 12:1 allows for high levels of personal attention

ü Throughout your degree program at Merrimack College you can take advantage of practical career opportunities such as cooperative education and internships

ü Earn a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in just five years with the 4+1 degree system

ü Enjoy a vibrant student community that offers more than 60 clubs on campus

ü Study and live on a stunning 0.89km² campus in Andover, within easy reach of Boston (just over 40 km) and the Atlantic coast

ü Guaranteed partial scholarships are available to help support students in their studies

ü Student population: 2,500.

Northeastern University

Founded in 1898, Northeastern University is a private research university with approximately 20,000 students located in the heart of Boston, America’s most popular college town.

The Northeastern University Pathways course is your first step toward earning a bachelor’s and/or master’s degree from a top ranked US University. Pathways students will take part in college level English preparation courses while completing university academic coursework taught by Northeastern University faculty. Upon successful completion of your Global Pathways course, you will matriculate to your target degree course.

Global Pathways Undergraduate Courses

Students enter through Pathways on a 1-3 term course at Northeastern University, before progressing to the 2nd semester of the university bachelor’s degree.

ü Over 35 different bachelor’s degree options including majors in the fields of art, media, design, humanities, social science, engineering, life science, business administration, criminal justice, computer science and more

ü Pathways courses include 12-16 undergraduate degree credits

Global Pathways Graduate Courses

Students enter through Pathways on a 1-2 term course at Northeastern University, before progressing to the university master’s degree.

ü Many top ranked graduate school courses including degrees in MBA, MS Finance, MS Engineering, MS Biotechnology, MS Computer Science, and more

ü Pathways courses include GRE / GMAT Test prep where necessary

ü Fast track master’s course available through the College of Professional Studies.

Northeastern University Bachelor’s Completion Courses

Students enter into a fast track 18-21 month course to graduate with a bachelor’s degree, plus the option to continue onto a 1 year master’s degree in Northeastern’s College of Professional studies.

ü Bachelor’s of Science in Leadership in just 18 months. No pre-requisite;

ü Bachelor’s of Science in Finance & Accounting Management (AACSB certified) in just 21 months. Pre-requisite of college level Algebra and some college mathematics experience;

ü 2+1.5 to a BS degree, or 2+2.5 to a MS degree!

Pace University

For more than 100 years, Pace University has been committed to preparing students from all over the globe to become leaders in their fields. The University provides education that combines exceptional academics with professional experience, plus an open door to all the advantages of studying, working, and living in New York City.

Well-known and highly respected, Pace University is a private, metropolitan university that enrolls more than 12,700 students in bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral courses in the Lubin School of Business, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems, College of Health Professions, School of Education, and School of Law.

Pace University is a Tier 1 private university and located in New York City with Areas of Strength: Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Communications, Computer Science, Economics, Finance, Information Systems, International Management, Marketing, Psychology and ranked #174 (U.S. News and World Report, 2013)

The Pace University Pathways courses offer a first step towards earning a bachelor’s and/or master’s degree from Pace University, a highly ranked US institution located in the heart of New York City. Pathways students take part in college-level English preparation courses while completing academic coursework.

Undergraduate Global Pathways Courses

Students can progress to a bachelor’s degree at the University when they successfully complete a 1-3 term undergraduate course.

  • Progression options offered to over 45 different bachelor’s degree majors, including Accounting, Art, Biology, Chemistry, Communications, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Finance, Hospitality & Tourism Management, International Management, Marketing, Psychology, and more
  • The Pathways course counts for 7-17 undergraduate degree credits
  • Progression to Advanced Freshman status of a bachelor’s degree, with 1/2 semester to 1 semester completed.

Graduate Global Pathways Courses

Students can progress to a master’s degree at the University when they successfully complete a 1-3 term graduate course.

ü Progression options include top-ranked MBA, MS, MA, and MPA degree courses in Accounting, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Finance, Information Systems, Investment Management, Human Resource Management, Media & Communication Arts, Public Administration, Software Engineering & Development, and more

ü The Pathways course includes 3-9 academic graduate degree credits

ü Progression to a master’s degree course at Pace University for students who successfully complete the Pathways course.

Quinnipiac University

Quinnipiac is a small, private university, located in the New England region of America. Quinnipiac University holds 6,500 undergraduate students and is ranked 9th best university in northern USA by U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges 2015. International students can apply for direct entry to study a bachelor degree at this prestigious university.

Quinnipiac is a well-ranked University that offers high-quality learning and a multitude of opportunities to international students, including service learning courses, internship programs, volunteer work and studying abroad. Students are taught in small class sizes, allowing for high levels of personal attention and better understanding from tutors.

The University’s Arnold Bernhard Library offers comfortable study areas with magnificent views of campus, as well as public computer terminals and WiFi Internet access. The library also hosts the Learning Commons which provides academic support and tutoring.

Quinnipiac’s TD Bank Sports Center features basketball and hockey arenas and is an impressive 185,000-square-feet! As well as this, there’s also the Mount Carmel Campus Fitness & Recreation Center which gives students access to an indoor track, weights room, multi-purpose courts, cardiovascular equipment and more.

The Tator Hall houses classrooms, computer laboratories and dedicated space for the University’s growing engineering programs, including a Computer-Aided Engineering Lab.

In addition to Quinnipiac’s range of fantastic facilities, there’s also plenty to enjoy outside of the classroom, with more than 100 student clubs on campus.

A top ranked American University!

  • #11 university in the north by U.S. News & World Report (regionally ranked universities offer a full range of undergraduate and master’s degrees, but fewer than 20 doctorate degrees
  • U.S. News & World Report‘s 2009 & 2013 ‘Up-and-Coming Schools’ listing  ranked Quinnipiac University #1  university in the North for making the most promising and innovative changes in academics, faculty, campus or facilities
  • Bloomberg BusinessWeek ranks Quinnipiac #61 for best undergraduate business programs for 2013, up 11 spots from 2012
  • Quinnipiac features in The Princeton Review’s 2014 ‘Best 295 Business Schools’ and ‘Best 378 Colleges’
  • Ranked #261 in 2013 edition of  ’America’s top Colleges’ by Forbes
  • The School of Communications faculty received New England Emmy nominations
  • Fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Board of Higher Education of the State of Connecticut
  • Business school is accredited by the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) - the oldest accrediting body for business schools

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