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Contact: Kristen Miller, Partner Services Senior Coordinator
Tel: +1.415.434.5586 Fax: +1.415.434.5404
E-mail: kmiller@intrax.edu
For more information, please contact us or visit www.intrax.edu

Study English and Professional Skills with students from 40+ countries at Intrax English language schools in San Francisco, San Diego or Chicago. Only Intrax offers guarantees that ensure you make the most of your time in the United States. Intrax students spend up to 75% of class time practicing speaking skills. You will meet and talk to Americans inside the classroom, develop your career goals by gaining professional experience at a U.S. company and create an online portfolio to show your new English and professional skills to future employers. 95% of our students would recommend Intrax to their friends.

General English

Learn English faster with our new curriculum that focuses on practical speaking skills for daily life. We offer ten levels from beginner to advanced. Classes start every Monday. Practice speaking English with American interns in class every week and improve your speaking skills faster through audio and video projects.

TOEFL & Cambridge Test Preparation

Develop test-taking skills to get the score you need for your academic or professional goals. All Intrax centers are licensed to administer the internet-based TOEFL exam. Feel more prepared for your TOEFL with our weekly practice exams and take the final exam at Intrax. Classes start every Monday. Minimum level 7 of English required.

Business English

Learn business English vocabulary and communication skills you can apply to any professional environment. Curriculum includes discussion of actual business case studies, how to write professionally, business phone etiquette in English and development of effective negotiation and presentation skills. Classes start every Monday. Minimum level 5 of English required.

Professional Certificates

Students who want a program where they can apply their English, develop their career path and build a professional portfolio of accomplishments will benefit from Intrax Professional Certificates classes. Our Professional Certificates offer you our most challenging and rigorous learning experience. You will learn business concepts and apply your advanced English skills to team projects and business case studies. We offer certificates in Marketing & Advertising, Business Management and Project Management. Classes have specific starts dates and can be done individually or consecutively. Minimum level 7 of English required. Benefits of Professional Certificates Classes:

  • Interact and learn from American professionals through guest speakers
  • Apply your advanced English skills during class discussions, team projects and case studies
  • Develop analytical, writing and presentation skills
  • Complete projects to add to your online portfolio and CV
  • Gain confidence to help in your professional career

Career Preparation Activity

Practice English and work toward your career goals by spending time at a U.S. company. The Career Preparation Activity matches you with a host company so you can gain professional experience for your resume/CV. This activity requires a minimum of 12 weeks and has specific start dates. Minimum level 6 of English required.

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