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Columbia College Chicago
Contact: Susan Strow, Assistant Director of International Admission
Tel: +1.312.369.7318 Fax: +1.312.369.8004
E-mail: sstrow@colum.edu
For more information, please contact us or visit www.colum.edu

Columbia College Chicago is a non-profit arts and media college, purposefully designed for creatives, by creatives.
With nearly 10,000 students and more than 120 years of deep experience, Columbia has become an international leader in teaching students how to launch sustainable careers doing what they love.

Our student body consists of nearly 10,000 students who come from all 50 states and more than 40 foreign countries. Cultivating a diverse learning environment is essential to the advancement of contemporary arts, media and communication, and that’s why our student body is among the most diverse found on any college campus. The College admits students after a holistic review of their entire application—not just their test scores or class rank. We offer a four-year liberal arts education with Bachelor’s degrees in hundreds of programs of study in the arts, media, and communications, and 15 graduate programs in the arts, media, education, the business of the arts, and the application of the arts to healing.

Our educational philosophy is rooted in the essential wedding of theory with practice. Our students are immersed in a creative learning environment designed to give them ample opportunity to test and perfect their craft, while grounding them in a rigorous academic curriculum that provides the intellectual, analytical, and creative capacity to succeed in their chosen fields. We maintain state-of-the-art facilities with advanced technology, and we keep our class sizes small to foster intimate and collaborative learning. Even our residence halls are extensions of the classroom, with private practice rooms, art studios, and spaces that encourage community among Columbia’s student artists. They are also conveniently located to provide easy access to Chicago’s vast array of cultural and entertainment offerings.

Everything we do at Columbia is to make sure our students are ready for a job in the real world. This starts with teaching the business side of art. A series of courses on self-management provides the tools necessary to break into the industry and form valuable partnerships with producers, managers, directors, and agents. Our students are responsible for seven student publications; eight campus galleries; more than 600 student performances, productions, and screenings each year; and several award-winning projects: Frequency TV, 88.1 WCRX radio, and AEMMP Records.

Columbia’s faculty members are award-winning industry experts (artists, designers, executives, writers, filmmakers, marketers, journalists, musicians, entrepreneurs, dancers) with national reputations. They are experienced instructors who provide our students with access to valuable expertise, insight, viewpoints, and industry-current aesthetics.

Columbia is an eclectic, urban environment located in Chicago's education and arts corridor, providing students with access to internship and career opportunities, and an array of entertainment—from museums, galleries, and theaters to restaurants, coffeehouses, parks, and sports stadiums. Convenient public transportation allows Columbia’s faculty and students to use the whole city as a social, cultural, educational, and professional resource, effectively turning the entire city into our campus.

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