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City University of Seattle

Contact: Mr. Kyle T. Brown, Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator
Tel: + ; Fax: +
Email: isopartner@city.edu
For more information, please contact us or visit www.cityu.edu

Learn in a global city!

City University of Seattle is an accredited, non-profit institution located in the heart of downtown Seattle, the largest city in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Seattle features a mild climate and clean environment, and is home to many international corporations and ethnic communities. City U’s central location makes it very accessible and convenient, and gives students ample opportunity to find internships and to network with local communities and companies.

City University of Seattle

City University of Seattle was founded in 1973 to offer more education and training opportunities for non-traditional students who still wanted a college education.

The City University of Seattle main campus is located in the thriving area of downtown Seattle.

The City U campus is located near the headquarters of the Gates Foundation and Amazon.com, and is near popular Seattle attractions such as the Experience Music Project and the Space Needle.

City U’s urban learning campus allows students to attend classes in modern, interactive, and innovative learning spaces.

City U’s campus is easily accessible by public transportation from any part of the greater Seattle area, is also located in close proximity to the city’s major attractions and vibrant businesses, and provides for a great urban lifestyle for international and domestic students.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington is a major city in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, and a hub for international trade, especially to Asia. Seattle has been ranked as one of the United States’ most livable, safe, and clean cities, and is home to many technology and manufacturing companies, including Amazon, Microsoft, Expedia, Starbucks, Paccar, and Boeing, to name a few.

Seattle is also home to many diverse ethnic populations and communities, which gives Seattle a cosmopolitan feel very different from many U.S. cities.

These factors give students a great chance to work with community organizations and companies that need the unique blend of experience that international students have, either through capstone projects or internships!

Programs and Alumni

City University of Seattle’s degree programs are popular with students worldwide for their practical curriculum and for the hands-on experience of the teaching staff, most of whom work with or have worked for some of the world’s largest and most successful companies.

City University of Seattle currently has 50,000 alumni worldwide. Many of our graduates hold leadership positions in the international business community, are successful entrepreneurs, politicians, and educators in the US and abroad. Some of City U’s most successful alumni work as Presidents, Vice Presidents, and CEOs of major corporations, including Air China and Yahoo!

City U’s core mission is to provide high-quality education that is accessible to anyone. Standardized tests, such as the SAT and GMAT are NOT required to begin your studies at City U.

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