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BUYUSA.GOV -- U.S. Commercial Service


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Contact Us

We can be reached at the following addresses: ________________________________________________________________


Embassy of the United States of America 
Diplomatic Enclave, Ramna-5
Islamabad, Pakistan
Tel: (92 51) 208-0000
Fax: (92 51) 282-3981

Islamabad Staff

Ms. Cheryl Dukelow
Senior Commercial Officer
Industry Sectors: Defense Industry Equipment, Economy, Business Equipment (non-computer), Telecommunication Equipment, Telecommunication Services, Electronic Components, Oil/Gas Mineral Production/Exploration Services, Electronics Industry Prod./Test Equipment, Photographic Equipment, Process Controls – Industrial, Robotics, General Science & Technology, Management Consulting Services, Travel/Tourism Services, Education & Training Services, Pollution Control Equipment, Books/Periodicals, Franchising

Mr. Ahsan Achakzai
Commercial Specialist

Mr. Ayan Ali Khan
Commercial Specialist

Industry Sectors:
Insurance Services, Renewable Energy Equipment, Electrical Power Systems, Franchising, Hotel Restaurant Equipment, Investment Services, Security/Safety Equipment, Drugs/Pharmaceuticals, Medical Instruments, Healthcare Services, Dental Equipment, Cosmetics/Toiletries, Education/Training Services, Consumer Electronics, General Consumer Goods, Household Consumer Goods, Mining Industry Equipment, Architectural Sector

Mr. Anthony Alfonso
Administrative Assistant

Industry Sectors:
Musical Instruments, Pet Foods/Supp, Toys/Games, Giftware



Consulate General of the United States of America
3,4,5 New TPX Area, Mai Kolachi Road
Tel: (92 21) 3527-5000
Fax: (92 21) 3561-2413
Karachi, Pakistan

Karachi Staff

Mr. Malik Attiq
Commercial Specialist

Industry Sectors: Automotive Parts/Services Equipment, Automobile/light trucks/Vans, Trucks, Trailers/Buses, Machine Tools/Metalworking Equipment, Tools – Hand-powered, Iron & Steel, Mining Industry Equipment, Sporting Goods/Recreational Equipment, Textile Machinery Equipment, Textile Products – made ups, Yarns, Apparel, Leather/Fur Products, Used/Reconditioned machinery & equipment, Pleasure Boats/Accessories, Ports & Shipbuilding Equipment, Airport/Ground Support Equipment, Aviation Services, Cosmetics/Toiletries, Commercial Fishing Equipment, Accounting Services, Jewellery, Financial Services, Insurance Services, Hotel Restaurant Equipment, Investment Services, Leasing Services, Drugs/Pharmaceuticals, Medical Instruments, Healthcare Services, Dental Equipment 

Mr. Tashfeen Mehdi
Commercial Assistant



Consulate General of the United States of America
50, Empress Road
Lahore, Pakistan
Tel: (92 42) 3603-4000
Fax: (92 42) 3603-4229

Lahore Staff

Mr. Aftab Qamar
Commercial Specialist

Industry Sectors:
Agricultural Chemicals, Agricultural Machinery & Equipment, Agricultural Services, Food Processing/Packaging Equipment, Biotechnology, Laboratory Scientific Instruments, Plastics Production Machinery, Plastics Materials/Resins, Chemical Production Machinery, Pumps/valves/compressors, Railroad Equipment, Renewable Energy Equipment, Employment Services, Films/Videos, Electrical Power Systems, Industrial Chemicals, Water Resources Equipment/Services, Security/Safety Equipment.

Mr. Hassan Raza
Commercial Assistant

Industry Sectors:
Construction Equipment , Computer Services, Computer Software, Computers/peripherals, Paper and Paperboard, Pulp/Paper Machinery, Furniture, General Industrial Equipment/Supplies, Veterinary Medicine , Equipment/Supplies, Lawn/Garden Equipment, Architectural and Engineering Services, Consumer Electronics, Processed Food Products, Printing/Graphics/Art Equipment, Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Equipment, Information Services, General Consumer Goods, Household Consumer Goods.


Washington Staff

Mr.David Nufrio
International Trade Specialist
Tel: (202) 482-5175

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