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BUYUSA.GOV -- U.S. Commercial Service

Sultanate of Oman

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The Embassy’s Commercial Section has an experienced and helpful staff ready to help create lasting business relationships between Omani and U.S. companies. Office hours are Saturday to Wednesday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m (GMT+4). Those wishing to conduct self-study are welcome to visit our Commercial Library from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday through Wednesday.

For Agricultural Inquiries:

Agricultural Trade Office

The U.S. Agricultural Trade Office (ATO) in Dubai administers U.S. Agricultural interests in the G.C.C. countries of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

U.S. Office of Agricultural Affairs
American Consulate General
P.O. Box 121777, Dubai, U.A.E.
Tel: +971 4 309-4000
Fax: +971 4 354-7279
E-mail: atodubai@state.gov

For Business Counseling:

Please request an appointment with our Commercial Specialists by phone or fax. We also accept inquiries by phone, fax, mail or e-mail.

Economic/Commercial Section
P.O. Box 202, P.C. 115
Madinat al-Sultan Qaboos
Sultanate of Oman


American Embassy
Commercial Section
6220 Muscat PL
Department of State
Washington D.C. 20250-6220

Ann Mason
Economic/Commercial Officer
Email: MasonAL@state.gov
Tel: (+968) 2464-3400
Fax: (+968) 2469-6928
E-mail: muscatcommercial@state.gov
Embassy Website: http://oman.usembassy.gov

Raji Daniel
Commercial Assistant
Email: danielR@state.gov
Tel: (+968) 2464-3784
Fax: (+968) 2469-3432
Embassy Website: http://oman.usembassy.gov

Mr. Mohammed Hmeidan
Commercial Assistant
Email: HmeidanM@state.gov
Tel: (+968) 2464-3428
Embassy Website: http://oman.usembassy.gov

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