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U.S. Commercial Service Delegation

to CANSEC 2019

Embassy of the United States

Ottawa, Canada

List of Companies and Capabilities



Sectors Served


(Drive Lakeville, MA)

Precision manufacturing

Machining/casting machining

Assembly and design

Industrial Medical


ANSEC Corporation

(Ogdensburg, NY)

Contract manufacturing

Prototyping (mid-high volume)

DFM/Test hardware design




Medical Devices


Basis Technology Corporation

(Cambridge, MA)

Artificial Intelligence

Information retrieval

Text mining

Forensic investigation

Crime prevention


Law Enforcement

First Responders

Comtech Systems

(Orlando, FL)

Digital Troposcatter Systems

Remote Communication Networking Solutions




JMark Services Inc.

(Colorado Springs, CO)

IRS Tailored Training

Airborne surveillance and data collection training

Mapping/mission building/collection procedures

Post mission imagery, IR/radar evaluation

Training in:





Law Enforcement

Special Ops

MARTAC Systems

(Melbourne, FL)

Autonomous USVs




(Houston, TX)

Offshore Connectivity


Network Service Provider

Philadelphia Gear

(King of Prussia, PA)

Power Transmission Design

Manufacture and Service

Power Transmission

Marine Industry

Standard Machine

(Saskatoon, SK)

Engineering and Manufacturing

Machining and Fabrication

On-Site Installations

Industrial Repair Manufacturing

TrellisWare Technologies

(San Diego, CA)

Advanced wireless communications Tactical radios

Interference cancellation





240 Kennet Welch

Drive Lakeville, MA 02347


Mr. Mike McKenna - President

Email: mmckenna@accudynamics.com

Mr. High Cullin - Director of Business Development

Email: hcullin@ansencorp.com

Company Description:

Accudynamics is a key OEM partner providing exceptional value from our precision manufacturing services. We work with our customers through the entire product life cycle from Concept through Prototype to Production. Utilizing the full range of our services, customers reduce development time, time to market, optimize designs to meet cost targets and achieve effective transitions of new designs into production.

Accudynamics’ reliable precision manufacturing solutions include machining, casting machining, assembly and design for manufacturing services and are used by medical, scientific and industrial OEM’s worldwide.


  • Precision manufacturing
  • Machining/casting machining
  • Assembly and design

Objectives at CANSEC:

To identify business opportunities with end users.

ANSEN Corporation

100 Chimney Point Dr.

Ogdensburg, NY 13669


Ms. Brenda Coon - Director of Business Development

Email: bcoon@ansencorp.com

Mr. Rod Bush – Vice President and General Manager

Email: rbush@ansencorp.com

Company Description:

Ansen Corporation has over 36 years expertise in Contract Manufacturing and is a leading Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) supplier. Located in Ogdensburg, NY, Ansen is certified to ISO:9001 and ISO:13485, as well as registered with the FDA as a Class III medical device manufacturer. Ansen’s business model and services include: prototyping, DFM and Test Hardware design, finished good/Kan Ban programs available, repair depot and logistic services, and precision machining solutions.

Ansen Corporation strives to bring the best possible product to the end user for you, the customer. Ansen has the knowledge and expertise to develop comprehensive and flexible processes to quickly become a cost-efficient extension of their customers operations.


  • Contract manufacturing
  • Prototyping (mid-high volume)
  • DFM/Test hardware design
  • Distribution/Logistics

Objectives at CANSEC:

To identify manufacturing opportunities in Canada.

Basis Technology Corporation

101 Main Street, Suite 1400

Cambridge, MA 02142


Mr. Christopher Biow – Sr. Vice President, Global Public Sector

Email: cbiow@basistech.com

Mr. Maurice Lethbridge – Manager, Global Alliances and Partnerships

Email: mlethbridge@basistech.com

Company Description:

Basis Technology Corp. is a software company specializing in applying artificial intelligence techniques to understanding documents and unstructured data written in different languages. Verifying identity, understanding customers, anticipating world events, uncovering crime. For over twenty years, Basis Technology has provided analytics enabling businesses and governments to tackle some of their toughest problems. Their software enhances parsing tools by classifying the role of words and provides metadata on the role of words to other algorithms.

The company is best known for its Rosette Linguistics Platform which uses Natural Language Processing techniques to improve information retrieval, text mining, search engines and other applications. The tool is used to create normalized forms of text by major search engines, and translators.


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Information retrieval
  • Text mining
  • Forensic investigation
  • Crime prevention

Objectives at CANSEC:

To identify business opportunities with end users.

Comtech Systems
Comtech Systems Inc.

212 Outlook Point Drive, Suite 100

Orlando, FL 32809


Mr. Colin Myers- Manager of Marketing

Email: colin.myers@comtechsystems.com

Company Description:

Comtech Systems, Inc. has spent over 50 years designing and implementing cutting-edge solutions to the toughest communications challenges worldwide. In addition to the US military, their customers include foreign governments and militaries across the globe. Additionally, they provide remote communication solutions to the commercial sector, including some of the world’s largest energy companies, such as Royal Dutch Shell, Petronas, and PEMEX. Comtech provides custom communication networking systems and specializes in tropospheric scatter (troposcatter) technology.

Troposcatter is a terrestrial microwave technology that enables high data communications to be passed over long distances (up to 200+ miles) without requiring the use of satellite or fiberoptic systems.


  • Digital Troposcatter Systems
  • Remote Communication Networking Solutions

Objectives at CANSEC:

To identify an agent or distributor of our troposcatter system to include the radio, solid state power amplifiers, antennas, filter cases, and other associated cases. Other aspects of communications systems may also be involved in the architecture of a communication network, to include but not limited to satellite systems, line of site microwave systems, networking components, and mobile networking such as MANET or LTE networks.

JMark Services Logo
JMark Services Inc.

8415 Explorer Drive, Suite 110

Colorado Springs, CO 80920


Mr. Bob Reehoorn- Vice President

Email: bob.reehoorn@jmarkservices.com

Company Description:

JMark Services Inc. is a highly successful, woman-owned small business that provides innovative solutions to U.S. intelligence, defense, homeland security, cybersecurity, and other national security organizations through education, training, security, research, and analysis programs. JMark delivers advance learning, applied training and analysis to support Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) operations.

JMark’s information environment advanced analysis courses apply critical thinking techniques to enhance overall situational awareness and response. Customers include Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence [OUSD(I)], Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), U.S. Air Force, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).


  • IRS Tailored Training
  • Airborne surveillance and data collection training
  • Mapping/mission building/collection procedures
  • Post mission imagery, IR/radar evaluation

Objectives at CANSEC:

To identify direct business opportunities with end users.


MARTAC Systems

511 N. John Rodes Blvd. Ste. 103

Melbourne, FL, 32934


Mr. Stephen Ferretti- Chief Marketing Officer

Email: ferrettis@martacsystems.com

Company Description:

MARTAC designs and fabricates the MANTAS line of USV’s, the next generation of Autonomous USVs focused on fulfilling mission requirements for Military, Government and Commercial customers and ideal to perform full-scale missions/operations in open ocean, riverine and inland waters. MARTAC operates in diverse maritime environments where other manned and unmanned systems cannot. MARTAC’s objective is to deliver reliable and innovative unmanned products and systems to military, security, commercial, scientific markets and customers. Key users include:

  • military branches including Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Special Operations Forces, etc. specializing in ISR, logistics, mine counter measures, electronic warfare, underwater detection & tracking, among others
  • government branches specializing in drug enforcement, human trafficking, harbor/port.


  • Autonomous USVs

Objectives at CANSEC:

To identify resellers, sales agents and distributors

Nearshorenetworks Inc.

1980 Post Oak Road, Suite 1500

Houston, TX,77056


Mr. Bob Miltenberger- President


Company Description:

Nearshorenetworks provide Satellite, Cellular and Hybrid networks globally to Maritime vessel owners and Operators. Our service provides the vessel, crew and passengers the ability to communicate ship to ship and ship to shore through direct data links and to use associated applications to pass information and voice. Many Satellite and Cellular providers have gaps in global coverage due to their business affiliations with select providers.

Nearshorenetworks have no such constraints. Our global relationships allow us to provide our client with bandwidth regardless of Satellite or Cellular carrier, or technology used aboard vessel. Similarly, we support all terminating and routing equipment brands. This allows us to serve every client regardless of their vessel location or current equipment aboard. We pride ourselves in the ability to provide services in the most difficult Regions on the planet.

Nearshorenetworks customers are Offshore as well as Inland Waterway owners and operators of Yachts, pleasure craft, OSV, ferries, tugs, bulk transport and passenger vessels. Our clients receive the very highest Service Levels with an expectation of maximum value at the lowest cost.


  • Offshore Connectivity

Objectives at CANSEC:

To identify resellers, sales agents and distributors.

Philadelphia Gear Logo
Philadelphia Gear (a division of Timken Power Systems)

901 East 8th Avenue, Suite 100

King of Prussia, PA 19406



Mr. Carl Rapp- President

Email: carl.rapp@philagear.com

Company Description:

Philadelphia Gear stands ready to capitalize on our more than 100 years of expertise, providing customers with a complete array of power transmission solutions, including the optimization of our inspect-and-repair regional service and manufacturing centers, strategically located across the United States and around the world. Several industries (including marine) depend on high quality, reliable and top performing power transmission equipment.

Our customers are continually challenged with lowering the cost of operation by reducing downtime, and this aligns perfectly with Philadelphia Gear’s mission to provide the lowest lifecycle costs possible. Philadelphia Gear can supply main reduction gears and related equipment to suit virtually any propulsion system’s arrangement requirements.


  • Power Transmission Design
  • Manufacture and Service

Objectives at CANSEC:

To identify manufacturing opportunities in Canada.

Standard Machine
Standard Machine (a division of Timken Power Systems)

868-60th Street

East Saskatoon, SK S7K 8G8


Mr. Jason Young - General Manager

Email: jason.young@standardmachine.ca

Company Description:

Standard Machine supplies solutions for some of the largest natural resource and manufacturing industries in the world, designing and manufacturing quality parts for industries including pulp and paper, mining, oil and gas, chemical, steel mills, marine, transportation, military and aerospace. These quality parts include mechanical power transmission drives, baseplates, couplings and associated components such as take-up winches, pulleys and sheaves.

Standard Machine supplies custom designed applications, drop-in replacements for competitors’ reducers or increasers, and offer a complete rebuild center for all types of gearboxes. Standard Machine is a member of the Timken Power Systems division. A leader in Canada for gearbox supply of new and repaired services for both low speed and high-speed applications.


  • Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Machining and Fabrication
  • On-Site Installations

Objectives at CANSEC:

To identify manufacturing opportunities in Canada.

See the source image
TrellisWare Technologies, Inc.

10641 Scripps Summit Ct Ste 100

San Diego, CA 92131


Mr. Matt Fallows

Vice President, Global Business Development and Customer Service

Email: Mfallows@trellisware.com

Company Description:

TrellisWare Technologies is dedicated to improving and changing the design and performance of communications and signal processing systems. As a worldwide leader in highly advanced algorithms, waveforms, and communications systems, they provide innovative small form factor radio products, and fully integrated solutions.

TrellisWare is delivering the next generation of communications to military and commercial markets — today. At TrellisWare, they are innovating and creating communications solutions When Nothing Else Works. Their strive is to empower mission-critical operations with job-enabling connectivity and robust networking that can make a difference in safeguarding individual lives and nations.


  • Advanced wireless communications
  • Tactical radios
  • Interference cancellation

Objectives at CANSEC:

To maintain and grow position with Canadian Government communications needs with respective product and waveform portfolio.

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