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Mining Machinery and Equipment

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Market Overview

The mining industry in Argentina continues to expand following a sustained upward trend. Nevertheless, a significant number of mining projects throughout Argentina have not reached full development. Regulatory changes in general investment legislation and in specific mining-sector legislation in the early 1990s favored a significant increase in foreign investment in the industry. The sector’s growth propelled local demand for mining machinery and equipment. Most of the 250+ companies with operations in Argentina reduced their activity level significantly during the world crisis in order to preserve their assets. Most of the market players are junior companies; however, sector dynamics and industry experts coincide that investments will continue to increase.

Several new mines are expected to be built in this decade, which represent future business opportunities for U.S. suppliers of mining equipment and machinery. Nevertheless, existing mines currently in operation also represent significant potential for the provision of machinery, equipment and parts.

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Sub-Sector Best Prospects

  • Mining Industry Equipment
  • Mine Safety Equipment.
  • Minerals Handling Equipment.
  • Mining Equipment: Open Pit
  • Mining Equipment: Underground
  • Mining Technologies
  • Water Treatment and Environmental Protection Technologies

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Demand for imported goods is evenly distributed between large digging, leveling, scraping, excavating, quarrying, and earth moving equipment (HS 8430), and equipment for sorting, screening, separating, washing, crushing, and grinding (HS 8474), including healthy volumes of parts and tools (HS 8431 and 8207). Further, high tech equipment, such as GPS, radars, and wi-fi data transmission systems are also in demand. U.S. suppliers continue to dominate the market; however, Brazilian, Asian, and Canadian competitors are expanding steadily.

Argentina remains a key market for U.S. exports to Latin America. However, recent controls imposed by the Argentine government have made exporting goods from any country to Argentina more difficult. It is important for would-be exporters to Argentina to confirm that their Argentine customer has received all the necessary permits. (Please refer to Chapter 5: Trade Regulations, Customs, and Standards).

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Key Figures

(In US$ Millions)





Total Market Size





Total Local Production





Total Exports





Total Imports





Imports from the U.S.





Total Market Size = (Total Local Production + Total Imports) – (Total Exports)

Data Sources: The above statistics are unofficial estimates, based on Argentine Customs data, Nosis/Exi-Net export/import database, and other sources.

2012 import market share: United States: 29%; Brazil: 25%; Japan: 16%; China: 16%; Korea (South): 8%; Canada: 6%

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Trade Events

In Argentina


Argentina Mining
September 2014 (TBD)
City of Mendoza
Argentina Mining S.A.
International Mining Conference and Exhibition. Takes place every two years. 



May 2015 (TBD)
City of Buenos Aires
CAEM and Viewpoint S.A.
International Mining Exhibition.  Takes place every two years.

In the United States


MINExpo International
September 2016 (TBD)
Las Vegas, NV
National Mining Association (NMA) 
International Mining Conference and Exhibition. Takes place every four years. 

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Useful Links 

Argentina Web Sites

U.S. Web Site

Contact Information 

Please feel free to contact the U.S. Commercial Service Argentina Specialist mentioned below for additional information or assistance.

Marcelo Amden
Mining Equipment Industry Specialist
U.S. Commercial Service Argentina
Embassy of the United States of America
Av. Colombia 4300
C1425GMN Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: (54-11) 5777-4509
Fax: (54-11) 5777-4203
Email: Marcelo.Amden@trade.gov

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