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ADB Consulting Opportunities

Types of Consulting Opportunities. Consultants recruited by the Asian Development Bank and its borrowing member countries can be classified as:

  • Firms: Selection is based on qualifications, experience, competence, and support facilities.
  • Individual Consultants: Selection is based on qualifications and experience of the individual, without consideration of the capability of the organization with which they are associated.
  • Staff Consultants: Selection is similar to the selection of individual consultants. Generally, the Bank officer who will use the consultant's services makes the selection.

Registration. The ADB consultants registration system has been revised into a new and integrated system called Consultant Management System (CMS) for both consulting firms and individuals.

Records should be updated at least once a year; otherwise, inactive profiles will be de-activated and excluded from consultants’ searches.

Visit https://uxdmz06.adb.org/OA_HTML/adb/adbpos/jsp/ADBCMSLogin.jsp for more information.

Source of Project Information. ADB consulting opportunities flow from ADB's new, as well as on-going technical assistance and loan projects. To identify these opportunities, interested firms can review the Bank's official publication entitled "ADB Business Opportunities (ADB BO)" which is posted online at http://www.adb.org/site/business-opportunities/operational-procurement/consulting. ADB BO contains proposed and approved projects, various procurement notices, list of shortlisted firms, and contract awards.

CS ADB also broadcast monthly reports entitled International Market Insights and Foreign Government Tender, which are based on the ADB BO website, and are re-formatted to give U.S. clients a short summary of the new projects and procurement notices from the ADB.

CS ADB prepares Market Briefs that provide a three-year projection of planned projects, beginning with the current year, as well as active on-going projects in various stages of maturity. These reports help consultants and firms identify projects and consulting opportunities very early in the project cycle, and place them within the context of approved, on-going ADB-funded activity.

Submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI). To be considered for consulting services, interested consultants should submit a persuasive EOI and meet with relevant bank staff to market their expertise well before the "long list" is compiled. An EOI provides an opportunity for firms/organizations to communicate their interest in a project and to be included in the long list of consultants eligible for the selection process. The long list of eligible firms is used to prepare the final shortlist of firms that will be invited to submit a proposal for consulting services for a particular loan project or Technical Assistance.

Submit the EOI electronically on the ADB website: https://uxdmz06.adb.org/OA_HTML/adb/adbpos/jsp/ADBCMSLogin.jsp .

Preparing Winning Proposals. Attention to detail is essential in preparing a winning proposal. All resumes and cooperative agreements between firms must be signed, all pages should be numbered and the proposal must be received on time. Conditional proposals are not accepted.

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